Cafe World 50s Photo Fun

By | September 13, 2012

Squeeze into the booth and make some funny faces with cafe world 50s photo fun ! build a photo booth in 50s hollywood

finish all 10 stages to earn spices, dishes and an awesome anniversary poster !

post to get parts from your friends
get rewarded each time you complete a stage
Stage 1: Earn 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 2: Earn 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 3: Earn Brownies Popsicle Recipe
Stage 4: Earn 2 Mastery Mint
Stage 5: Earn 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 6: Earn 70s Trifle Recipe
Stage 7: Earn 2 Instant Thyme
Stage 8: Earn 2 Quest Buster Thyme
Stage 9: Earn Jell-O Boats Recipe
Stage 10: Earn Anniversary Poster