Cafe World 6 Pack Instant Spice Frontierville

By | September 28, 2010

Cafe World Free 6 Pack Instant Spice from Frontierville ! there’s a cross promotion for cafe world and frontierville that can give you reward free 6 pack of instant spice

if you don’t know what instant spice is look on your spice rack
Instant Thyme – make a dish instantly ready

to use it just use spice button and click any dishes, and it will be instantly ready 🙂 all you need to do is finish cafe world spice quest in frontierville

when you enter cafe world today you will see this pop up :
Free 6-Pack Of Instant Spice
we’re offering 6 free instant spices ! instant spices let you cook any dish instantly with one click.
go to frontierville and complete the cafe quest to get yours !

click go to frontierville button

more about cafe world quest in frontierville you can see it in frontierville cafe world quest
The Cafe World Quest I
1. Clear Five Grass
2. Plant Ten Tomatoes
3. Harvest Ten Tomatoes

after you finish click claim and back to cafe world, you will see another pop up :
congratulations !
you’ve earned a 6-pack of instant spice !
access your spice rack via the icon on the bottom of your screen 😀

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