Cafe World Advanced Level 75 Cookbook

By | June 7, 2010

Cafe World Advanced Level 75 Cookbook ! do you remember that in cookbooks there’s a locked advanced level 75 tab ? now that tab can be unlocked !

Cafe World just released the first four dishes for our professionals at level 75 and higher!

The advanced cookbook is unlocked! These dishes are going to be for our professionals at level 75 and higher!

The first four dishes will be:
Chicken Vindaloo
Osso Buco
Confit de Canard

Get ready to be the first seasoned chef to master the advanced cookbook! Click the Advanced Cookbook tab in your game to start cooking!

remember that this dishes can be unlocked on level 75, if you haven’t reached level 75 you only see this :
New Cookbooks are coming ! Soon you will be able to unlock new cookbooks ! Join Zynga’s Email program to know when they launch !

Here are the first 4 dishes for cookbook advanced level on cafe world :

chicken vindalloo stats
servings : 200
ready in : 6 hours
earns total : 2600 coins
cafe points : 184 CP

confit de canard stats
servings : 50
ready in : 1 hour
earns total : 1050 coins
cafe points : 36 CP

osso bucco stats
servings : 400
ready in : 18 hours
earns total : 6000 coins
cafe points : 394 CP

kabayaki stats
servings : 300
ready in : 12 hours
earns total : 4500 coins
cafe points : 289 CP

master the new cafe world cookbook advanced level now 😀

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    I would like to inform you that the game is loading too slow-it takes me round five minutes.Despite the long loading time,I can not play it.I would be grateful if you let me enjoy the game again.Thanks.