Cafe World Aloha Hawaii

By | April 2, 2011

Cafe World Aloha Hawaii ! there’s a new pop up from lisa in cafe world

aloha hawaii

we can’t wait to share our amazing hawaiian vacation with you !
joe and lisa

that’s all, there’s no more info yet but i think it’s another goal or catering order that will be released on monday, because i think everybody still busy with the supreme cuisine ! italian vs french 🙂

i will keep you updated !

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  • Dave

    I was just given the first task. There is apparently 8 of them.

    The first was purchase a tiki mask, purchase a surfboard collection and ask for 2 leis. The tiki mask and surfboard collection are both coin purchases, like 8000 coins tops. Course once I finished it, I didn’t receive a second task.

    Kinda weird, just showed up out of nowhere.

    • admin

      same thing happened to me 🙁 i got the goal and now it’s gone

  • Liza

    Hi people! same happened to me!!!

  • Cindy

    It’s back! I think to stay, sorry, still on first part.

  • Laura

    Hi! I was asked by a couple of friends, a leis but never got the tasks. Two other friends just finished the Aloha goal. Is it released by zones? I’m in Argentina and we generally get the goals late in the evening. Thank you for your job, it’s of great help. :))

  • Dawn

    Second Task

    Serve Orange Juice 30 times
    Spice 2 neighbors stoves
    Have 1 Flowerprint Surfboard

  • Dawn

    Third Task
    Serve Loco Moco 10 times
    Ask for 5 Taro Leaves
    Ask for 7 Ti Leaves

  • Lasenna

    I received the task. The rewards for the first are 100 coins and 100 cafe points. Then the second task you’ll get is “Aloha, Joe and Lisa II”. I’m not sure why you didn’t get the task but I know it’s been buggy for me. When I first saw the popup, I would leave and come back and the popup was gone (happened like 4 times until I actively completed one of the goals).

    Anyway, the second task requires you to purchase a Flowerprint Surfboard, spice 2 friend’s dishes, and serve 30 Orange Juice. The reward for this is also 100 coins and 100 cafe points. After you complete it you get to see a part of their “Vacation Scrapbook: First Things First”.

    This unlocks Aloha, Joe and Lisa III. This requires you to serve Loco Moco 10 times, get 5 Taro Leaves, and 5 Ti Leaves. (That’s the one I’m working on now.)

  • Lasenna

    Whoops there’s a typo in my last comment. It’s 7 Ti Leaves, not 5. You should get the Lau Lau pork recipe as a reward.

  • Amanda

    I keep clicking ‘get started’ and nothing happens.

  • SallyStokes

    I received the 2nd goal it was serve 30 Orange Juice spice 2 stoves and buy one surf board which I believe cost 9500> The third task was to get 7 request items and then 5 of another and serve 10 Loco Moco. The 4th task Is to serve 15 of the LUNA LUNA which will now be unlocked And get 7 tomato and 5 salmon requests

  • SallyStokes

    LUNA LUNA take 2 hours to cook

  • SallyStokes

    Its called LAU LAU not Luna Luna Sorry my spelling is terrible

  • Sonia

    I got the goal in my husband’s cafe but not in mine 🙁

  • Christina

    The second goal is:
    Spice 2 friends stoves.
    Serve Orange Juice 30 Times.
    Have 1 Flowerprint Surfboard.

  • Mary

    Goal III is
    Serve 10 Loco Moco
    Ask for 5 Taro Leaves
    Ask for 7 Ti Leaves