Cafe World Amazing Grace Goals

By | January 9, 2013

Spend the day at graceland and win a 4x ultra stove in cafe world amazing grace goals

dan really likes famous houses ! he conquered his fear at the haunted house and is now heading to graceland to pay his respects to the king !

complete the entire quest to earn brand new dishes and a rocking jail 4x ultra stove !

quest 1: Amazing Grace Goal

gid :
11414 King’s Jumpsuits
11415 Red Scarves
11416 Pink Cadillac
11417 Pompadour Wings
11418 Blue Suede Shoes
11419 Hound Dogs
11420 Good Luck Charms
11421 Return to Senders
11422 Devils in Disguise
11423 Puppet on a String
11424 High Heel Sneakers
11425 Wooden Heart
11426 Big Hunk o’ Loves
11427 Teddy Bear

quest 2: Rocking Road Trip Goal
quest 3: Musical Memphis Goal
quest 4: Heatbreak Hotel Goal
quest 5: Hallowed Portal Goal
quest 6: Guitar Hero Goal
quest 7: Chasing Cars Goal
quest 8: Shiny Star Goal
quest 9: History Buff Goal
quest 10: Moving On Goal