Cafe World Amelia’s Treats Goals

By | October 20, 2011

Complete 10 cafe world amelia’s treats goals to unlock 3 new halloween recipes !
– marshmallow witches
– mummy dogs
– pumpkin lasagna
There’s a guide for these missions released on cafe world forum ! i will provide you with the gid when the quest released πŸ™‚ and looks like the cauldron from cafe world halloween 2011 sneak peek name is halloween candy bowl !

tips :
The rewards for these mission is not only new dishes, but also halloween ingredients. In some task you will need to serve taste lab dish with these ingredient

how to get trick or treat candy in cafe world :
find the candy from trick or treat friends on halloween candy bowl, this also requirements in some goal (total 43 candies)
then you can hand out trick or treat candy by the candy balloons that appear over your customers

halloween 2011 quests requirements and rewards :
amelia’s treat 1 goal
– place pumpkin tree (use gid in cafe world pumpkin tree links to finish faster)
– serve caramel apples 25 times
– ask for 2 trick or treat bags
reward : marshmallow witches recipe

amelia’s treat 2 goal
– serve marshmallow witches 30 times
– get 5 trick or treat candy
– ask for 8 candy bars
rewards : bat meat + bones (halloween ingredients)

amelia’s treat 3 goal
– serve a taste lab dish with bones (reward from part 2)
– place your halloween candy bowl
– ask for 10 candy corns

amelia’s treat 4 goal
– serve pumpkin pie 50 times
– get 8 trick or treat candy
– serve marshmallow witches 30 times
reward : pumpkin seeds (ingredient)

amelia’s treat 5 goal
– serve jammin’ jelly donuts 50 times
– serve 30 bacon and eggs
– get 12 halloween lollipops
reward : cursed cumin (ingredient)

amelia’s treat 6 goal
– serve a taste lab dish with pumpkin seeds (reward from part 4)
– get 10 trick or treat candy
– ask for 12 bubblegum
reward : mummy dogs recipe

amelia’s treat 7 goal
– serve mummy dogs 40 times
– ask for 8 fairy wands
– ask for 8 bubblegum
reward : spiders (ingrendient)

amelia’s treat 8 goal
– serve belgian waffles 100 times
– get 20 trick or treat candy
– ask for 7 flashslights
reward : celery brooms (ingredient)

amelia’s treat 9 goal
– serve a taste lab dish with spiders
– ask for 10 fresh apples
– ask for 10 glow sticks
rewards : 1000 coins + 1000 CP

amelia’s treat 10 goal
– serve choco-scotch clusters 50 times
– complete the pumpkin tree
– ask for 10 animal masks
reward : pumpkin lasagna recipe

thx to di for
Marshmallow Witches 4252
Mummy Dogs 4253
Pumpkin Lasagna 4254

4271 Trick Treat Candy
4272 Candy Corn
4273 Trick Treat Bags
4274 Candy Bars
4275 Halloween Lollipops
4276 Bubblegum
4277 Fairy Wand
4278 Flashlights
4279 Fresh Apples
4280 Glow Sticks
4281 Animal Masks

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  • Daphne

    where are your gids?

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  • LKR

    I am not terribly computer savvy, how do I use the gid code for the trick or treat candy. I know you insert that code for another, but where do I get the template to begin with?

    • admin

      you can read here
      you will always get “Uh oh! We’re sorry but it seems that something went wrong in the kitchen!” but it does work even after you get that message.

  • kashile

    Thank you light chan for the gift ids and help ! thumbs up ! great work. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

  • david

    how can i get the food GID to work? the items always works great for me but never the food. should i do something differently?

  • li ying

    I still don’t know how to get pumpkin seeds

  • Liz Munro

    How do I use GIDs.

  • Dawn

    I am on Amelia’s treat 6 goal, and I have no pumpkin
    seeds in my test lab. Any suggestions?

  • Liz Munro

    You need to finish your lab dishes up to and including bones then pumpkin seeds become available.

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  • jmark

    Been stuck with goal#6 with the PUMPKIN SEED TASTE LAB. I cant see it….. Done with bat bone taste lab…..

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  • sarah

    ok how do you use the cheat codes? do you type them in just when the game is up? SOrry!