Cafe World Anniversary Catering

By | September 24, 2010

Cafe World Anniversary Catering ! 1 year anniversary party 🙂

1 year anniversary cafe world

celebrate cafe world’s one year anniversary and help amelia cater the best party ever !

as you can see there are 5 new anniversary dishes and these recipes are only available until september 30th ! complete this order with a 3 star rating and you get to keep them forever !

anniversary catering order :
serve shanghai dumplings 65 times or buy with 14 cafe cash
serve feijoada 120 times or buy with 12 cafe cash
serve pastilla 146 times or buy with 17 cafe cash
serve anniversary cake once or buy with 5 cafe cash
collect 15 balloons or buy @ 2 cafe cash
collect 10 party favors or buy @ 1 cafe cash


you must serve the dishes from stoves or get crew to help you finish faster, how to collect balloons and party favors is by click the ask button then choose friends to help 😀

Anniversary Catering Crew Size :
you can 20 friends to join cook the catering order, the total crew size 21

The time limit for three stars : 7 Days

Anniversary Catering 3 Stars Reward :
– 7560 CP
– 113400 coins
– next order unlocked
– One Year Anniversary Recipes :
+ anniversary cake
+ pastilla
+ feijoada
+ shanghai dumpling
+ ratatouille

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  • Sista Jue

    What are the cooking time for these dishes..??

  • tired with all this mission

    anniversary cake – 8 hours

    pastilla = 16 hours

    feijoada – 12 hours

    shanghai dumpling – 18 hours

  • cafeworld_fanatic

    For the balloons, is that 2 Cafe cash each of 2 Cafe cash for all the 15 balloons?

  • abraham lopez

    I got this order at last

    now I have the 5 limited edition meals forever
    but now I opened the cafe world and discovered 2 more limited meals: red burrito & in flight meal

    I suppose that you need to finish another cathering order to get both forever

    or maybe both will be limited like the super sliders & vip dinner

  • Annie

    This whole thing is ridiculous! They didn’t give out enough time to finish it and with the balloons and party hats is insane to keep up with it and it goes for one by on instead of paying it all at once. I think they should add a little more time than the amount they have given us