Cafe World Astounding Expansion Goals

By | August 16, 2011

Unlock the latest expansion with coins by finishing 6 cafe world astounding expansion goals
grab your toolbox and get ready to expand ! you’ll also unlock some fabulous desserts to enjoy in your new space
The Expansion goals are not timed and you might get different dishes for each quest, but the same number.

The Astounding Expansion is now available to ALL by completing the goals.
In addition, two new dishes will be added to your Cookbook! See below for requirements :

astounding expansion 1 goal
– have lavish cafe expansion
– serve 10 birthday cupcakes
– ask for 5 hammers

astounding expansion 2 goal
– serve 20 beef skewers
– ask for 10 bricks
– ask for 5 nails

astounding expansion 3 goal
– spice 10 of your neighbor’s dishes
– serve 30 sweet potato souffles
– ask for 15 bricks
reward : baklava recipe

astounding expansion 4 goal
– master baklava to level 1
– serve 45 eggys in baskets
– ask for 15 hammers

astounding expansion 5 goal
– master baklava to level 2
– serve 40 baklava
– ask for 15 nails

astounding expansion 6 goal
– master baklava to level 3
– serve 50 philly cheesesteaks
– ask for 5 cans of paint
reward : apple crumble recipe

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  • Lukasz

    hammer- 4012
    nails- 4013


  • joe

    dishes for goal are different.. i think it depends on the mastery level we have..

  • Michael V

    The cooking goals are random like the last few sets of goals.

  • E. P.

    For the task #6, I only need 2 cans of paint. But Zynga only shows an invite friend list (friends that do not play CW); there is no list for friends who already have (play) it. Isn’t this a forced invite?