Cafe World Back In Time Goals

By | September 13, 2012

Win a no-spoil genie and 70s 6x ultro stove in cafe world back in time goals

Celebrate cafe world’s 3rd anniversary with a wild ride through time quest!

new recipes to unlock :
Belem Egg Tart
Mustard Corned Beef

day 1 :
part 1 : time machine goal
– serve 20 random dishes
– ask for 6 time machine wheels
– serve 30 random dishes

gid :
9094 Time Machine Wheels
9095 Maps
9100 Corn
9101 Cups of Parmesan
9104 Broches
9105 Diadems
9108 Perfume
9111 Passes
9114 Cards
9118 Charcoals
9122 Tie Dye Shirts
9126 Blender
9131 Guitar Straps

official guide from zynga official :
How long will the event be available?
Back in Time will be available until the 22nd of September, 5.59am PDT.

What will be my reward?
Your reward will be a No-Spoil Genie and a 70s 6x Ultra Stove.

How will I get my Stove?
After completing the first 5 days of Back in Time your first 3 burners will unlock. The other 3 burners will unlock after you complete the entire event and your Stove will upgrade to a 6x Ultra.

Where will I find my Stove?
Once you have completed day 1 to day 5 your 70s Stove with 3 unlocked burners will be placed in your inventory.

What will I receive as Reward for the Catering Campaign?
For completing the 3 Catering Orders for each Campaign with 3 Stars you will receive a 4x Mega Stove and amazing new recipes like “Bunny Cake” or “Pop Rocks”.

Is the Catering Campaign timed?
Yes, the Catering Campaign “The Vintage Are” is timed you will have to complete it before the timer runs out on September 21st, 5.59am PDT.

What will my reward be for the 50s Photo Fun?
If you complete 50s Photo Fun on stage 10 you will get an Anniversary Poster, for completing Woodstock Bus you will receive a Jukebox, as well as dishes and spices.

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