Cafe World Beach BBQ Catering Order

By | June 12, 2012

Start part 1 of summer fesival cafe world beach bbq catering order to get new recipes ! you’ll need them for cafe world gone fishing goals

Lisa and joe are going to love the meal you’ve prepared, finish this order to earn a special stove !
unlock these new dishes :
beach bbq I : salt water roast pig
beach bbq II : fried horseradish
beach bbq III : mexican s’more

here are the requirements :

Beach BBQ I catering order :
serve Oyster Shooter 400 times (1 hr)
serve Corndog 400 times (1 hr)
serve Shepherd’s Pie 150 times (1 day)
collect 15 Drink Umbrellas
collect 15 Tiki Cups
collect 12 Tiki Torches
reward: Salt-Water Roast Pig Recipe

Beach BBQ II catering order :
serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 400 times (30 mins)
serve French Onion Soup 400 times (4 hrs)
serve Veggie Sushi 150 times (7 hrs)
collect 15 Citronella Candles
collect 15 Grass Skirts
collect 15 Orchid Leis
reward: Fried Horseradish Recipe

Beach BBQ III catering order :
serve White Radish Cake 400 times (1 day)
serve Homestyle Pot Roast 400 times (2 days)
serve Cassava Cake 150 times (12 hrs)
collect 15 Portable Grills
collect 15 Seashell Centrepieces
collect 12 Bags of Charcoal
reward: Mexian S’more Recipe