Cafe World Best Way How To Make Money

By | October 12, 2009

Best way to make money in Cafe World 🙂 Confused how to get money in cafe world ? Looking for easy money ? well here’re the tips how to get more cafe world coins – this tips credits to Miss Boo :

1. Look at the Cookbook and figure out what your rates of return are, either that or use one of the list that have been posted to see what dishes bring you in the best profit. You can see in Cafe World Tips And Tricks

2. Never have stoves empty – you make money by cooking ergo empty stoves mean less cash. Also always keep a track of what is on your counters so that you haven’t got dishes waiting on the stoves that you can’t serve for lack of counter space.

3. Yes fruit salads will get you through the night if you cook a lot of them and don’t mind logging in every 15 mins. Personally I think the profit off them is meagre and the effort is pretty extensive in comparison. I prefer to shut up shop overnight and use my ovens to cook some more profitable bits to sell the next day. Cheesecakes and spaghetti/meatballs work well overnight and first thing you can put them out to serve and get some shorter term dishes cooking on your ovens.

4. Stagger your ovens so that you are cooking some longer term items and some shorter term. Pot roasts are okay but they take two days and if you look at the Spitfire Roast Chicken it is done in a day and 2 make you more money than one pot roast. I have two ovens dedicated to chickens, one comes up about 8am and one about 4pm, I just replaced them when they are ready for the next day. This dish is profitable, gives good XP and is cheaper to buy than a pot roast. 2 chickens get me through the day on the counter.

5. Don’t forget the easy ways to make free cash – visit your neighbours and add as many as you can to get the higher neighbour bonus.

6. Don’t put items in your inventory unless you really will use them again. If you sell them you get approx 1/3 of the original cost of them back.

7. Find a layout that gives you a good buzz rating. It doesn’t have to be all about buzz and there are some good layouts that give a nice compromise between a good looking cafe and a high rating. Buzz = more customers eating your food which = more cash. Try looking at the sticky “show off your cool cafe” for ideas on layouts if you are stuck.

8. Stick with it. Remember as you level up you will unlock more profitable dishes – it will get easier.

i hope this guide help you 🙂

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  • Bryan

    Can you write tips on Home Inn? 😀

  • Feexa

    hi there!
    thanks for the useful tips..
    am currently in level 12..
    keep up the good work! 🙂

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  • NITZ

    man gr8 job…!..but i have 1 prob..once my buzz goes over 100 i face problems serving….as my dishes gets empty pretty soon..and den..d buzz also goes the customers dont get the food served any ideas?

    • admin

      haha, you should keep your dishes a lot you know. Why don’t you take close your cafe by take away the door. And prepare some dishes that serves many like the one that takes a lot of time (1 day / 2 days) and if your counter already full. You can open your cafe again 🙂
      Usually i did that .

  • Rob

    Either my cafe isn’t working right, or I’m not understanding something. When I exit the game, my cafe buzz rating doesn’t change, so why are people suggesting removing or blocking the door? Also, when I enter my cafe, it always says I have 0 tips. I know people are tipping, so where are they???

  • Lisa

    To Keep your buzz rate from going down.. Close out the application and dont open it again till your food is ready. if you close it at 105 even if your stuff is empty it will not drop! Good luck. If anyone knows how to earn dollars/cash rather than coins let us know! i’ve been playing for 2 weeks and have 4 dollars cash which SUCKS!

  • josh

    im in level 18 thanks for th tips you rock

  • Carina

    if you add more doors in ur cafe, will you get more customers??

    • admin