Cafe World Bird Cage Links

By | May 11, 2012

Bring a spring song into your cafe with cafe world bird cage ! Get +1 mastery on dessert dishes :)

Spring is in the air, and the birds are singing. What a sweet time of year ! Complete the bird cage today to earn +1 mastery on all desserts !

find this maypole bird cage on cafe world build-ables menu :D

The bird cafe grants you +1 mastery on dessert recipes !

4 parts to collect :
10 straw (gid :7080)
8 old newspaper (gid : 7081)
10 birdseed (gid : 7082)
8 small bowl (gid : 7083)


flower display table material gift links :
straw old-newspaper birdseed small-bowl
straw link – old newspaper link – birdseed link – small bowl link

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