Cafe World Bird Watching Catering Order

By | May 15, 2012

Cater the cafe world bird watching convention. A little bird says you’ll earn tasty dishes if it goes well.

complete quest 5 in the spring week 1 goals to earn the blue corn tortilla recipe ! you’ll need it for this catering mission !

bird watching catering order
– serve blue corn tortillas 799 times
– serve deep fried turkey 599 times
– serve crackling peking duck 699 times
– collect 15 binocular
– collect 15 visor
– collect 12 backpack

note from Raijinn – cafe world forum :
“We’re going to be adjusting the amount of Fried Turkey that you need to complete the quest. It looks like the new number will be around 59 Fried Turkey to complete that portion of the quest (the number isn’t solid yet, but it will definitely be much less than 559).”

catering mission

3 star rewards (3 days) :
– 15 catering points
– 7500 cafe points
– 200,000 cafe coins
– spring chicken recipe

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