Cafe World Birthday Party Catering Order

By | September 1, 2010

Cafe World Birthday Party Catering Order ! Hiya Chefs! Amelia’s niece is having her birthday soon and Amelia wants you to cater it!

Complete the order with a 3 STAR rating to unlock the EXCLUSIVE Birthday Cupcakes Recipe plus an exciting new order

to unlock birthday party first you must have catering business and do the first order, cafe world wholesale dale

You’ve built your Catering Business, earned the respect of Wholesale Dale and now it’s time for you to take some catering orders ! Yeah it’s a new catering mission 😛 So Here’s the guide for cafe world birthday party catering order

Birthday Catering Order Guide
On the right side of your screen, you’ll see a little girl calling about her birthday party!

Cater Her Birthday Party
the reward you earn for 3 star = birthday cupcakes dish recipe

hint : to get 3 star review for this order, work with friends to speed up cooking ! you can also hire help for cash to speed up cooking tasks

You will see a list of food needed for the birthday party, now you will need to start catering order :
– serve triple berry cheesecake 23 times
– serve clubhouse sandwich 7 times
– serve bacon cheeseburger 90 times


what rewards do you get for each birthday party star :
1 star : 216 cafe points + 3240 coins
2 star : 360 cafe points + 5400 cafe coins + next order unlock (cafe world dinner party)
3 star : 504 cafe points + 7560 cafe coins + next order unlock + cafe world birthday cupcakes

Receive 2 or 3 stars on each task to move onto the next catering job.
Getting a 3 star rating gives you access to the exclusive Birthday Cupcake Recipe which can be found in your cookbook.

time limit for star
remember that in order to get 3 stars you must watch the day limit :
3 star : finished in 3 days
2 star : finished in 7 days
1 star : finished > 7 days

how to finish birthday party catering faster :
– cooking with spices
– buy servings with cafe cash
ask friends to help you with your catering order (5 crews)

After you complete the birthday party, you can either redo the order or accept a new order from your next customer!

If you got a 1 or 2 star rating, try redoing the catering job for more rewards! unlock cafe world birthday cupcakes to see how many cafe points you can get 🙂

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  • Hilde

    I am not able to find my order. How do I get started?

  • admin

    hi hilde , you must complete the 2 catering mission to unlock birthday party mission.. which is : Catering Truck and Wholesale Dale Mission

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  • Gene

    Just completed the first order and here is the 2nd order:

    Savory stuffed turkey x 41 times (22hr dish)
    Angel fruit cake x 40 times (8hr dish)
    Jumbo shrimp cocktail x 180 times (30min dish)
    Spicy devil eggs x 72 times (18hr dish)

    Seems impossible to complete alone.

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  • Renee

    How does the help work in the catering orders? Thanks.

    • admin

      you can ask help from friends, and the one who helped you will get the same amount of dishes that you finished (if they already accept the help)
      and they can help you finish the catering orders faster because when they cook dishes it will counted for you too 🙂

  • lyn

    Can’t log into cafe world. keeps thinking about going into cafe but wont get there. meanwhile my food is spoiling and I am running out of time for my catering etc.

  • Steven

    I am not sure how the helping works. I have 6 other people in my crew but it says I am helping 8 other people not in my crew. When I finish something, does that go to each of the members in my crew and each of the people I am helping?

  • ziv

    hi! I’ve completed my dale quest long ago, but i still do not have amelia’s quest. How do i get it?
    I;ve tried going outside to the catering truck and i all see is only dale.
    Pls help!

  • nancy

    ziv I have the same problem I`ve comnpleted my dale quest long ago but still did not get some amelia`s request.. help……

  • Gene

    You have 6 people in your crew, meaning these 6 people have accepted your request for help. Whatever they cook will help in your catering order count. When you have finished cooking something, you have helped 8 other of your frens with that dish you have finished cooking. They may or may not be your crew depending on who you have accepted the request to help.

  • LB

    I’m in the same boat as Ziv, I completed the truck and Dale weeks ago but can’t get any more orders, there is no picture of a little girl on the main screen and when I click Dale or my truck it only shows my completed first order!

  • Mina

    I STILL don’t have the Amelia job and I too completed Dale’s order months ago!

  • Andrea

    I am in the same boat as Ziv, LB & Mina.

    Still no birthday party or dinner party…. any ideas as to what’s going on or how to fix it??

  • julie

    I have just tried to start the 3rd challenge of my own caering business however you have to collect plates and pans and stuff i have no idea how to do this

  • Molly

    How do you go back and redo the cupcake order? I accidently clicked moved to the next order to the dinner party and finished the dinner party instead of redoing the cupcake order. Is there a way to go back now?