Cafe World Bubble Safari Stove Goals

By | May 18, 2012

There’s a new cafe world bubble safari stove goals coming up soon~ some players already have it and.. they take it back 😐

and the bad news is you must play this bubble safari game to complete the burner quest for 6x 50% ultra stove

you can see the pop up here :
– amazing bubble safari 6x stove
grab your buble safari 6x ultra stove by completing goals

– our most powerful ever
upgrade your bubble safari stove to cook six times as many dishes

– rewards and fun galore
play the funnest game around and win tons of bonus prizes


gid :
safari coil 7537
safari ring 7534
safari plates 7532
safari bolt 7533

here’s what some players who already got the goals on the forum said :
The Bubble Safari goal is not a timed event (at this time). You will have to play the new Zynga game Bubble Safari and as you advance in the game you unlock burners. So far in order to unlock burner 3 you must complete level 6 & to unlock burner 4 you have to complete level 18 in the game. After level 4 the game gets harder…of course!!

Okay back to the original topic about the Bubble Stove Goals, today I got a pop-up about the 6x Bubble Stove. Apparently it starts out a Mega Stove but does upgrade to an Ultra Stove. It would be nice if it said that somewhere on the goal itself, but it doesn’t, just the pop-up screen . Anyway, when I had a stove that was empty I placed it.
Goal 3 is to get burner 2 by reaching level 6 in Bubble Safari. I got credit for goal 2 as soon as I placed it, so it might be to reach level 5 or lower, since I played a bit last night for the other prizes using the icon in the lower right of the screen. It does not show a timer – which is a good thing!

bubble safari 50% lightning stove

you can try the bubble safari game on facebook here :
it’s a “mini game” type, if you like puzzle bubble you will love this game

one of the player ask zynga customer service, and here’s the answer :
“We are very sorry that you do not have Bubble Safari Goals yet. When a new feature is released we release it a little bit at a time until it has been rolled out to 100% of the players.
Currently this new feature has not been turned on for everyone, but rest assured you will be able to take full advantage of this new feature sometime in the near future. Keep in mind that we do not have the ability to grant you this feature with our current tools since the feature is controlled by the Cafe World studio.
Thanks for playing Cafe World and happy cooking!

requirements :
Part 1: Bubble Stove Goal
– Place your Bubble Safari Stove

Part 2: Burner #1 Goal
– Complete Level 1 on Bubble Safari

Part 3: Burner #2 Goal
– Complete Level 6 on Bubble Safari

Part 4: Burner #3 Goal
– Complete Level 18 on Bubble Safari

Part 5: Burner #4 Goal
– Complete Level 30 on Bubble Safari

Part 6: Burner #5 Goal
– Complete Level 42 on Bubble Safari
– Serve 10 Random dishes
– Spice your dishes 10 times

Part 7:
– Ask for 11 Safari Plates
– Spice your dishes 8 times
– Serve 11 Random dishes

Part 8: Burner #6 Goal
– Complete Level 48 on Bubble Safari
– Serve 11 Random dishes
– Spice your dishes 10 times

Part 9:
– Ask for 10 Safari Bolts
– Serve 11 Random dishes
– Ask for 11 Safari Coils

Part 10: Ultra Burner Goal
– Complete Level 54 on Bubble Safari
– Serve 11 Random dishes
– Ask for 11 Safari Rings
Reward: 2000 Cafe Points, 2000 Cafe Coins, bubble safari 6x ultra stove

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  • paulmig

    Goal 5 – Burner #2 – Complete Level 30 on Bubble Safari ugh

  • terrence

    Here’s what I have played, so far —
    Goal #1: Place the Bubble Safari 6x stove
    Goal #2: Complete L1 to Unlock 1st burner
    Goal #3: Complete L6 to Unlock 2nd burner
    Goal #4: Complete L18 to Unlock 3rd burner

  • paulmig

    Goal 6 – Burner #5 – Complete Level 42 on Bubble Safari & Server 10 random dish & Spice your dishes 10 times

  • terrence

    Goal #5: Complete L30 to Unlock 4th burner

  • SergioE

    Today I see a 12 hours left timer… I’m stucked at level 46 so I will be impossible to get… bad for zynga again

  • dane alexander

    just started bubble safari and never got the 3 50% stoves or the 6 one

  • BillyCafeworld

    I first want to say I love the site Chan. Also does anyone know if these are still available the stove anyway I just started bubble safari and it said you have unlocked some bubble safari specials and to keep playing so I was wondering if that is reference to the stoves. I am in severe need of better than regular stoves and didnt know if anyone has some tips on getting a couple.