Cafe World Buck Bradshaw Statue

By | May 29, 2012

Complete baby shower quests to win an extra stove slot with the cafe world Buck Bradshaw statue !

but what does Buck Bradshaw Statue do ?
it will give you an extra stove slot! so it you already have the maximum slot for stove on your cafe, then you will have an extra one 🙂

the total prizes for finishing the whole joe and lisa’s new arrival event is :
– 6 Rhinoceros Theme 6X 50% Super Ultra Stove
– Buck Bradshaw Statue and No Spoil Genie
– 6 Mastery Mint and 6 Mega Instant Thyme

and if you already have a No Spoil Genie, you will receive an extra 6X 50% Super Ultra Stove.

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