Cafe World Build Lightning Stove Links

By | June 15, 2010

Cafe World Build Lightning Stove Links !


Hiya Chefs! Siggie the Scientist has invited you into his secret laboratory to let you invent your own powerful Lightning Super Stove !

The Lightning Super Stove has been changed from 5% faster to 10% faster and at this time, you may only build one Lightning Super Stove.

Click the Lightning Super Stove icon next to your spice icon to invent your one-click stove with 10% faster cooking power.

lightning stove icon

Invent a stove !
with the help of your friends you can now earn lightning stove
a lightning stove provides all the benefits of a super stove and lets you cook 10 % faster !

power up your lightning super stove ! you will need 10 part for each materials :
– science book
– tesla coil
– flux switch
– vacuum tube


ask your friends to help you finish your lightning super stove or you can buy each parts for 1 cafe cash

to send lightning stove parts you can use this links – click the images :

science book link

tesla coil link

flux switch link

vacuum tube link

use the lightning stove parts links to help your friends build lightning super stove faster 🙂

glitch : looks like there’s a problem with lightning super stove.. finished the stove, icon disappeared, and there is no lightning stove available unless you pay cafe cash for it.

yes many player have this lightning icon dissapear 🙁 i think we must wait until they fix this bug or you can send a support ticket.

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  • chow

    Maybe it was delibrate. They dont want anyone to build the lightning stove too fast and easy, so they hide the icon once the first stove has been built and wait days for the second to be able to be built. Has anyone tried accepting parts without the icon and able to build the lightning stoves?

  • fathskie

    limited to ONE??? what do we suppose to do with that stove then?? what’s the point? 🙁

  • fathskie

    After I built 19 superstoves, it’s like a joke if CafeWorld ask ME to build ONE lightning stove. I won’t even bother to try.. >D:
    I’ll wait and see how things develop, if they keep the limit to one then I’ll just say goodbye to Siggle and his stove

  • jada savage

    Where is my lightning stove? And why is my coffee maker back in the crate? Help please

  • NatashaStar81

    Where the fuck is my lightning stove?! I got 2 parts completed and the 3rd one almost as of Tuesday. By Wednesday morning my stove icon was GONE!!!
    If they didn’t want us building it too fast then they should’ve limit neighbors because I have 43 of them.

    @Chow, I can’t ask for parts without the stove bit I’ll keep trying.

  • Nathaniel

    INCORRECT I CURRENTLY HAVE 17 Stoves…when an item is gifted to you for the stove press F5 for the desired amount of that part you can do this as many times as you want for up to 2 hrs

  • snakedoc

    After the stove is built all you have to do is go to the gears click on stoves. Drag one of your old stoves to the grayed out area. It will then light up and you can pick up your lightning stove. You must trade an old stove for a new. The game will not just give you a lightning stove.

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  • Yagami Light

    Sorry Light Chan your link stopped working 🙁 its bcoz of zynga who blocked it :@

  • Yagami Light

    i’m reaaly unhappy plz help me i used it a lot times i created 12 accounts but when i came to know abt diz i used oly one account send me all the parts but now i can’t plz help me 🙁

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  • steven parrish

    why cant we do the lightning stoves on cafe on facebook, it still has the gifts but wont give credit and no way to check progress

  • Kira

    I built a super stove and now i cant find it!!!