Cafe World Buzz Rating Drop

By | October 28, 2009

Cafe World Buzz Rating Drop. What is the function of Buzz in Cafe World ? Well if you already read Cafe World Icon Guide and Cafe World Tips, you must be know that Buzz is making more customers come to your cafe.

So you might want to watch you Buzz, and not let it drop.

How to raise your Buzz Rating ?
Simple, never let any customers down so they will give you thumb up 🙂

If you have experienced a seemingly inexplicable drop in buzz rating, please see the following points :
– If you are running the game in two browsers or on two computers at the same time, your cafe will lose buzz.
– If you run out of food while offline and stay offline for a very long period of time, your buzz rating will drop.
– If you run out of food while online with the application running and do not take the door off your cafe to “close” it while you cook, your buzz rating will drop.
– If you have an invisible object blocking one of your pathways or access points, your buzz rating will drop. To find the object, try refreshing your browser or logging out and then back in to the game. To get rid of the object, drag it to your inventory.
– If you have a “stuck object” that can’t be moved, try leaving Cafe World by clicking the Home tab on your Facebook screen, clearing your cache and temp files, and then reopening Cafe World. Instructions on how to clear your cache can be found in Cafe World Tips.
– If your waiters cannot physically reach a free side or corner of a customer table, your buzz rating will drop. To fix this, rearrange your cafe layout.
– If your waiters will not serve because they are glitched/stuck, your buzz rating will drop. To fix this, rearrange your serving counters so that at least 2 of each of the 4 sides is physically accessible to your serving staff.

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  • yousef

    Thank you.. I was going crazy to know why my rating is going down, then I remembers I had the game opened over my parents house and forgot to close it, and I have it open over my place. 🙂

  • http://nowebsite... vanessa

    can anyone tell me whats wrong with my cafe world?

    i’m currently doing the method where i trap my waiters behind the counters, which is working wonderfully…until i leave.

    i always watch my game for about 5 minutes to see if everyone is getting served, and yes they are. when i’m actually on my game my buzz rating goes up around two whole points per minute, which is great. then i leave the game to do other things…and when i come back, the buzz rating has dropped or it just stays the same! i watch my game again, and everyone is getting served, my buzz rating goes up. when i leave and come back, once again my buzz rating has dropped/stayed the same as when i left!

    are my waiters slacking off when i exit my game? :O!! typical…!!

    just kidding, but seriously, whats wrong with my game?

  • bee

    @vanessa can you send us a screenshot of your layout?

  • tay

    Ok so, my buzz rating wa at 105.0 for WEEKS then I come back and it’s at 5.0 out of no where. I didnt change a thing about my cafe rom before, i didn’t run out of food. So I figured maybe they no longer liked my set up in the resturant o I changed it and I still had low buzz and I still don’t get any customers barely. How do I get them back??!!! HELP!!!

  • Mason

    MY waiters have minumum space to walk in my cafe but they arent serving and its making me lose money and my buzz rating!

  • Mason

    and there is no blockages!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    I never log out I just go and mine seems to work fine but never leave the game on if you are going to run out of food, but don’t log out.

  • sairam

    With reference to post made by vanessa
    (November 27th, 2009 at 1:45 pm), i am having the same problem. When i am watching the game, my buzz goes up, the movement i close the window without logging, or the movement i log off the game, it stays there only till i login again. I watched it many times, but i don’t know what the problem is. I dint have any waiters trapped, i have all tables and chairs placed correctly with access to waiters, i have placed counters in the middle with access to waiters. So, i cant see what the problem is. Everyone sat at every place is showing thumbs up while i am online.

  • Monique

    Same as Sairam. I had a 105 buzz rating for months and then at the beginning of December, my buzz rating dropped to 5. I rearranged my layout and I still can’t get the buzz rating back up. When I watch the customers, my rating goes up. But, when I log out and log back in, my rating goes back to 5.0. I think it’s a bug but I could be wrong. I have six counters…all with food on it ALL the time, so I don’t know what the problem is. I’m on level 31.

  • Miffy

    When im on cafe world my buzz rating will rise then drop back to 5 again. i have watched it. has anyone else heard of this and how to sort it?

  • Spark

    I just started playing Island Paradise, and on that game it requires you to save your game before you leave. I noticed on cafe world it also has a save game button, (near the sound and zoom buttons) so I tried that and my rating saved till I logged in again and has been continuing to grow. Hope that helps.

  • Jewel

    I upgraded my cafe space a few weeks ago… lately, I have very few customers coming in. I don’t know if this has to do with my buzz rating but it also went from 105 to about 6. I have changed the wallpaper, flooring, moved around the tables, and added a door. Since then, and after a week, the rating is only at 12. My counters are FULL with food because I don’t have many customers to eat it! Any solutions?

  • Troodles

    My buzz rating dropped and I couldn’t get anything to work until I went online facebook chat. I don’t know how it’s connected but I went offline chat again and it dropped again, went back online and it raised again. Who knows why that is????

  • UnperfectMama

    I had wonderful buzz ratings until about a week ago now it is stuck on 5.0. I have rearranged EVERYTHING trying to fix it. I have hired and fired waitstaff to make sure it’s not too little or too many. I keep food on counters and stoves 24/7. I have counters accessible to waitstaff, and my chef is locked in with the stoves. I also play cafeworld for 4 other ppl, periodically checking their food servings and making food, their ratings are fine. Mine is only thing that dropped, no matter what I’ve tried. ANY SUGGESTIONS?!

  • Spark

    Are you people not reading? Click the save game button! that saves your buzz rating until you come back to the game.

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  • waffles

    Since I’ve started playing, I’ve built my buzz rating up to 105. It stayed like that for a long time, that is until recently. I logged on a few days ago and for some odd reason, it was at 5.0. Also, there are hardly any customers. I didn’t change anything, had food on the counters, and all that jazz. So i just rearranged things a bit thinking it might have been the layout that randomly made it like that. So now my buzz rating is slowly going up, but it seems the number of customers is not increasing. No more than 5 comes in to eat at a time. Don’t really know what to do to increase the customers. :S

    here’s my layout

  • Roseanna

    why is has my rating dropped to 35. My waiters are delivering food and there is food on the counters.

  • Roseanna

    I made some changes and it worked for 2 days and the rating went down

  • chippercards

    buzz raiting goto 5.0 every time I log in