Cafe World Cafe Cash

By | October 26, 2009

Cafe World Cash 🙂 The cafe cash already been released since the last expansion update, now you can buy some expansion with cafe cash and some others with cafe cash.

What is Cafe Cash ?
Cafe cash is another method of payment in cafe world.

What can i buy with cafe cash ?
because it’s still new, there’s only a few items like :
– you can buy expansion
– you can buy cafe coins

How to get Cafe Cash ?
first you need to look at the top tab menu
and choose Get Cafe Coins & Cash

and you’ll see this menu :

and you can choose which package you want 🙂

then you can select the payment option, either with credit card or paypal 😀

well, unlike farmville cash that you can get 1 cash point every time you level up. I think Cafe World won’t do that, maybe zynga will consider it in the future ?

Look at the missing cafe cash ! now they include some Offerpal Media offers and surveys for cafe cash, free ? yeah, but becarefull because some of the offers you must spend some money first to get free cafe cash.. so it’s up to you 🙂

you can see there’s survey of the day, task you must do before get cafe cash

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  • Unkie J

    Yeah but how do you use the Cafe Cash??

    • admin

      you can buy any items that have cafe cash icon on it 🙂

  • Sata

    well how do i get free cash?

    • admin

      you can’t 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Is there a hackcheat to get free cash?

  • vanessa

    i wanted 1 for free not payment im only 9 yrs old nd how am i supposte 2 pay

  • precious u really need dollars to buy a cafe cash..waste of money….!!!urghh..cant i get a cash every level??in cafe world

  • tahliaastacey

    you can get free cash; but rarely. sometimes it has a icon thing saying cash bonus and it gives me one cash thing.

  • kizzy

    so u cant earn cafe cash???

  • aiza

    how do i get free cash? no need money and card…

  • rabail

    we have to give real money to buy cafe cash?

  • Jerico

    you can get 3 cash every straight 7 days of cooking

  • Rodolfo Williams

    How do i redime a cafeworl cash card?

  • Yuki

    Hey. If you guys are still playing, you can EARN cash by doing surveys..though i hate doing it since it might require your personal info (eg. phone number,address) i suggest telling your parents first if you are. If there was free cash, which there is which is how i got like 1,100 cafe cash, it would get patched from Cafe World since its like a cheat.

  • stu

    well how did u get5 1,100 cash then?

  • stu


  • katina walker

    i order netflix on the internet and i didnt received my cafe cash from cafe world and how do i received it as a frist time customer

  • margaret

    love this game

  • Wazeen

    i have no vistor/customer in my cafe world, any body tell me why, in level of 1 to 15 here was too rush now im in 25 i have 1 or 2 customer per/min.

    Thanks for replaying me

  • cynthia

    why is my cafe cash always missing and i didnt use it either also spices not receiving u said i got them i now i didnt 3 days once didnt get any,and it was posted that i was supposed too.

  • nona hall

    trying to redeem free cafe cash