Cafe World Cafe In Paris Event Guide

By | February 24, 2012

The cafe world cafe in paris event is here ! read the guide below to know more how this event works 🙂

game tutorial :
– Complete all 12 quests within the timer to claim the special prize bundle ! quests don’t expire but the special prize does !
– help clean up amelia’s aunt’s cafe and earn great rewards for each stage you complete
– collect parisian souvenirs ! each stage you complete gets you a great reward !

here are the official guide :

What is the Cafe in Paris Event ?
Cafe in Paris is a 12 Day event where you help Amelia visit her aunt in Paris. The event includes a timed 12 part quest line “Paris Nights” which follows Amelia as she helps her aunt restore her café in Paris during the day and explores the sites of Paris at night! There are two separate features, “Fixing up the Café” and “Parisian Souvenirs” (coming soon) which allow you to collect parts in return for great rewards! There are also two new Catering Orders which will be released during the event.

How does the Cafe World Paris Nights Quest line work ?
Each day, a new 3 part quest will unlock (you can also work ahead by finishing the previous day’s quest early). If you do not open your event screen during a given day, the day will lock (unless you have already activated it by progressing to that day previously). Locked days can be quickly unlocked by asking your friend’s for keys through a wall post. The quest will not expire, however, there is a special prize that you can earn by finishing all quests before the time runs out!

What if I miss a day during the Café in Paris Event ?
If you miss a day during the Café in Paris event, the day and its tasks will be locked. The day and the tasks can be unlocked by asking your friends to help through the Café in Paris quest screen.

What are the rewards for Café in Paris ?
If you complete all 12 Café in Paris quests within the time limit, you’ll receive 2 4x Ultra stoves, a premium spice bundle and a No Clean Fairy as rewards!

here are the new recipes you can get from this event :
– Au Feu (Complete Paris Nights Quest 1)
– Chicken Marengo (Complete Paris Nights Quest 2)
– French Onion Tart (Complete Paris Nights Quest 3)
– Halibut with Risotto (Complete Paris Nights Quest 4)
– Braised Rabbit (Complete Paris Nights Quest 6)
– Quince Cheese (Complete Paris Nights Quest 7)
– Truffade (Complete Paris Nights Quest 8 )
– Apple-Raisin Sandwich (Complete Paris Nights Quest 9)
– Vichyssoise (Complete Paris Nights Quest 10)
– Frog Legs (Complete Paris Nights Quest 11)
– Pheasant Cassoulet (Complete Paris Nights Quest 12)
– Profiteroles (Complete Fixing Up the Cafe Stage 3)
– Courgettes Farcies (Complete Fixing Up The Cafe Stage 6)
– Salmon Terrine (Complete Fixing Up the Cafe Stage 9)
– French Chocolate Bark (Complete Souvenir Collection Stage 3)
– Pig’s Head Soup (Complete Souvenir Collection Stage 6)
– Savory Steak Frites ( Complete Souvenir Collection Stage 9)

What if I already have a No Clean Fairy ?
If you already have the amazing No Clean Fairy and you complete the 12 Café in Paris quests within the time limit, you’ll receive an additional 4x Ultra Stove (3 total)!

What is Cafe World Fixing up the Cafe ?
This is a special part of the Cafe in Paris event. You access Fixing up the Cafe, by clicking on the Fixing up the Cafe button in the bottom left of the Paris Nights main screen. In Fixing up the Cafe, you earn fantastic rewards including 3 50% stoves and 3 new dishes for getting the parts necessary to repair Amelia’s Aunt’s Cafe.

What if I don’t finish the all the quest during the day ?
You have to finish each three part quest during that day. If you don’t, the quest will no longer be available. But don’t worry, there are always more quests each of the 12 days.

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  • Jenny Leong

    Hello, is anyone know how to use the UID & GID for Food?? Any special link? Thanks

  • nenad

    does the 12 nights include completed 2 parisan caterings?I mean…can i win great reward if i dont play catering?

  • Fxmed

    On the zynga forum I read you did not have to complete the catering order

  • Judy Nicholson

    I finished the 12 nights and received 3 ultra stoves (I already have the no spoil fairy) however, big disappointment, they are NOT 4x ultra stoves, they are single stoves! Just letting you know it’s hardly worth all the trouble because I have 17 single stoves already in my storage (50% one). Just what I needed after all that work…3 more NOT!

  • Judy Nicholson

    Well, I have to take it all back (see my note above), they have now turned into 4 x ultra stoves! yea yea yea – so when you get them, give them a bit of time, it does happen. Just thought I’d let you know after my above complaint.