Cafe World Cafe Kiosk Anniversary

By | September 27, 2012

Serve busy customers in your ANNIVERSARY KIOSK! here’s the guide for cafe world cafe kiosk 🙂

Serve kiosk customers continuously to maintain a winning streak. Serve them within the order pick-up time or your serving streak will reset to zero.

Cook in advance and stockpile dishes so you never miss a customer. Don’t overshoot the stockpile limit or those dishes will go to waste.

Meet daily targets to earn rewards every day. Hit a high serving streak to win a final reward at the end of the event !

Anniversary Special : Cafe Kiosk
Whip up some quick treats for customers on the go ! serve as many customers as you can at your anniversary kiosk.
grand reward : doughnut 4x ultra stove !

cookbook for cafe kiosk :
ice cream crepe : 7 min
liberty pie : 7 min
mocha muffin : 7 min
mini oreo cheesecake : 12 min
fruit fritter flambe : 15 min
deep fried cookie dough : 28 min
glitter sandwich cookies : 30 min

official zynga guide :

What is the Café Kiosk?
The Café Kiosk is a feature, which enables you to run a fast food kiosk and serve dishes cooked in the kiosk to a hungry queue. You will need to fulfill the demands of incoming customers and serve them one after the other to maintain a continuous streak.

How do I find the Café Kiosk?
The Café Kiosk is right outside your Café near the catering van. You can access the Kiosk by clicking on it or by clicking the HUD icon.

How long will this event be available?
Café Kiosk will be available from 25th September, 2012 to 1st October, 2012.

What is a streak?
Serve customers continuously one after the other within their order pick-up time to maintain a winning streak. If a customer leaves without being served, your serving streak will reset to zero. But don’t worry, if your serving streak is reset to zero, your tasks will also become simpler.

What is the order pick-up time?
Each customer has his own order pick-up time. You will need to serve the dishes that he has demanded within this specified order pick-up time to maintain your streak successfully. The order pick-up time is displayed at the bottom left corner of the Kiosk window.

How and where do I cook?
You have a choice to cook in advance or as you see the tasks. You will be provided with the Easy-cook tool to facilitate the cooking. To “Cook In Advance”, click on the Cook in advance button to access the special Kiosk menu. The dishes can be cooked only through the kiosk on your café stoves and not through your main Café Cookbook.

However, these dishes will be available to cook in your Café after the Kiosk expires.

Once the dishes are cooked in your Café, you will need to click on them to directly serve them to the Kiosk. Please note: these dishes will not be served in your Café. They will be served directly to the kiosk.

Why should I “Cook In Advance”? What is the Stock-pile limit?
You need to “Cook In Advance” to stock on the dishes. This will keep you prepared to serve the hungry customers. However, each dish has a stock pile limit of 9, which means that you can stock up to 9 dishes ready to be served.

What happens to my cooked dishes if I overshoot the Stock-pile limit?
Don’t overshoot your Stock-pile limit because the extra dishes go to waste. So, plan your cooking accordingly.

What are the rewards for this event?
You get rewarded every day for meeting your daily targets. You will receive new and exciting dishes as well as packs of some interesting spices as your daily rewards.

You will also earn a grand reward based on your best streak score. For this you will receive one of these rewards: 50 pack 12 hour thyme, 4x Mega stove or 4 X Ultra stoves, depending on how high your streak is.

What is special about my kiosk dishes?
To make this feature more exciting and fun to play, the Kiosk menu comprises of some sweet and delicious dishes with very low cook times.