Cafe World Cafe Music Awards Goals CMA Stove

By | September 1, 2012

Complete the goals in the Cafe World Cafe Music Awards to win great new dishes and stoves!

Grab your CMA 4x mega stove from the inventory when you finish your first catering order !

Complete all 3 orders with a 3 star rating to unlock burners and upgrade the stove to a CMA 4x ultra stove !
there are 2 goals :
– cater the show
enjoy the music at the cafe music awards and win a 4x ultra stove !

– build the CMA stage
take center stage at the cafe music awards to win special dishes and spices !

How long will the Café Music Awards be available ?
You will have exactly 9 days to complete our Café Music Awards, until 8th September 6 AM, 2012.

What do I need to do to complete the Café Music Awards ?
You will have to complete 3 Catering Orders, with 3 Stars each, within 9 days to upgrade the 4x Mega Stove to a Café Music Awards 4x Ultra Stove. You may also complete the catering orders with 2 stars or 1 star. However, you will not win a CMA stove in this scenario.

help susie with the catering campaign ! cater the show to earn CMA 4x ultra stove

boutique lunch catering order
– serve peach cardamom tart 600 times
– serve stuffed artichoke 800 times
– serve almond butter crostata 800 times
– collect 15 cash purse
– collect 15 shopping bag
– collect 12 high heel shoe
reward : 1 burner of 4x mega stove

red carpet catering order
– serve truffle risotto 600 times
– serve jicama salad 800 times
– serve clam curry 800 times
– collect 15 red carpet
– collect 15 limo
– collect 15 flash bulb
reward : 1 burner of 4x mega stove

after party catering order
– serve veal scallopini 1000 times
– serve lobster hoagies 1500 times
– serve almas caviar spread 1600 times
– collect 15 microphone stand
– collect 15 stage light
– collect 12 chandelier
reward : 2 builders of 4x mega stove

Do I need to do the Catering Orders in a specific order?
It is your choice which of the 3 Catering Orders you want to start with.

Will I be able to complete the Catering Orders once the Café Music Awards are over?
The Catering Orders will be available during the 9 days of the Café Music Awards and will not be available after the 9 days.

What will I get when I complete the buildable as well?
2 amazing new Dish as prize :
– lemon souffles
– mexican stuffed shells

build the cma stage for cafe music awards !
get rewarded each time you complete a section
finish all 6 sections to earn special dishes and spices !