Cafe World Camp in Luxury

By | June 28, 2012

Build a luxury tent with cafe world camp in luxury ! complete them all to collect spices, dishes and a 6x mega stove !

you will need your friends help to build this amazing luxury tent !

parts to build :
tent cloth
vinyl sheet
peg hammer

camp in luxury materials :

Get an amazing reward for completing each stage :
Stage 1: 2 Salvage Sage
Stage 2: 3 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 3: Cowboy Beans Recipe
Stage 4: 3 Mastery Mint
Stage 5: 4 Quest Buster Thyme
Stage 6: Campfire Scones Recipe
Stage 7: 3 Salvage Spice
Stage 8: 4 Instant Thyme
Stage 9: Campfire Stew Recipe
Stage 10: Forest 6x Mega Stove