Cafe World Candy Cane 7x Ultra Stove Goals

By | December 18, 2012

Buck bradshaw has the greastest quest for you ! get 3 amazing 7x 50% ultra stoves by completing cafe world candy cane 7x ultra stove goals

Buck Bradshaw is back and has brought us his Candy Cane stoves. Complete Buck’s quest to earn up to 3 Candy Cane 7x Ultra Stoves!!!

get 3 ultra stoves !
complete buck bradshaw’s unbelievable goals to get 3 amazing stoves :
– red candy cane stove
– blue candy cane stove
– green candy cane stove

fell the burn !
upgrade your new stoves to cook seven times as many dishes !

the ultimate in stove technology !
upgrade your 7x stoves to 7x ultra stoves so each burner cooks 50% faster !


Buck Candy Cane gid :
10740 Red Candy Cane Blowtorches
10743 Red Candy Cane Circuits
10744 Red Candy Cane Displays
10745 Red Candy Cane Pipes
10746 Red Candy Cane Knobs
10747 Red Candy Cane Screw Drivers
10748 Red Candy Cane Handles
10749 Red Candy Cane Drip Bowls
10750 Red Candy Cane Coils
10751 Red Candy Cane Burners
10752 Red Candy Cane Motors
10753 Red Candy Cane Thermostats
10754 Red Candy Cane Pry Bars
10755 Red Candy Cane Switches
10756 Red Candy Cane Wiring
10757 Red Candy Cane Hard Drive
10758 Red Candy Cane Tubes
10759 Red Candy Cane Dehydrators
10760 Red Candy Cane Thermometer
10761 Red Candy Cane Axles
10741 Blue Candy Cane Blowtorches
10762 Blue Candy Cane Circuits
10763 Blue Candy Cane Displays
10764 Blue Candy Cane Pipes
10765 Blue Candy Cane Knobs
10766 Blue Candy Cane Screw Drivers
10767 Blue Candy Cane Handles
10768 Blue Candy Cane Drip Bowls
10769 Blue Candy Cane Coils
10770 Blue Candy Cane Burners
10771 Blue Candy Cane Motors
10772 Blue Candy Cane Thermostats
10773 Blue Candy Cane Pry Bars
10774 Blue Candy Cane Switches
10775 Blue Candy Cane Wiring
10776 Blue Candy Cane Hard Drives
10777 Blue Candy Cane Tubes
10778 Blue Candy Cane Dehydrators
10779 Blue Candy Cane Thermometers
10780 Blue Candy Cane Axles
10742 Green Candy Cane Blowtorches
10781 Green Candy Cane Circuits
10782 Green Candy Cane Displays
10783 Green Candy Cane Pipes
10784 Green Candy Cane Knobs
10785 Green Candy Cane Screw Drivers
10786 Green Candy Cane Handles
10787 Green Candy Cane Drip Bowls
10788 Green Candy Cane Coils
10789 Green Candy Cane Burners
10790 Green Candy Cane Motors
10791 Green Candy Cane Thermostats
10792 Green Candy Cane Pry Bars
10793 Green Candy Cane Switches
10794 Green Candy Cane Wiring
10795 Green Candy Cane Hard Drives
10796 Green Candy Cane Tubes
10797 Green Candy Cane Dehydrators
10798 Green Candy Cane Thermometers
10799 Green Candy Cane Axles

Official FAQ :
I was trying to place my Stove, but I lost connection. Now I don’t have the stove after I reloaded the game. What happened to my stove?
To place your stove, click the stove icon to reveal the quest tasks. Then, click the “Place” button in quest task to place your new stove. Keep in mind that you must have a free stove slot if you wish to place a new stove.

Do the stoves have to be in my cafe in order for me to expand them?
Yes, they do need to be placed in your cafe.

You said that it’s a 7x 50% Ultra Stove but my stove shows a different number. Why is that?
To help you keeping track of your progress with a glance, each of the stoves will show the number of burners already unlocked.

Will the quests to release burners be timed?
Yes. The 7x quests will only be around for a limited time so let’s get cooking!

Will I be able to unlock the burners after the 7X 50% Ultra Stove goals expire?
No, you will not be able to unlock the burners after the 7x 50% Stove goals expire. So, we encourage you to complete the goals before they expire. Good luck!

What happens if I did not unlock any of the burners, but just placed the stove and then the timer expired?
The stove will remain “frozen” in this state and since you did not unlock a burner, you cannot cook on it. So we encourage you to start unlocking burners right away while there is still time.

What happens if I did not unlock all of the burners (for example 2 out of 4 burners) before the timer expired?
The stove will remain “frozen” in this state. Therefore, you cannot unlock the remaining 2 burners. But you will be able to continue using the stove with the 2 burners that you’ve already unlocked.

So given all of the above information, what should I do?
Try to unlock as many burners before the timer expires. That way you get a stove with more usable burners per stove slot. Round up your friends and have fun with your new stoves!

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