Cafe World Captain Super Stove Links

By | September 14, 2010

Cafe World Captain Super Stove Links ! Tired of 3 steps needed to cook dishes ?

Captain Super Stove on cafe world

turn all your regular stoves into one-click super stoves ! skip the ingredient steps for much quicker prep !

you will need
12 afterburner grills
12 poly-steel planting
12 carbon chips
14 turbo tech knobs

Captain Super Stove Links
afterburner grills link

poly steel plating link

carbon chips link

turbo tech knobs link

guys if you want to share this with please credits back, build captains super stove faster with this links 🙂

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  • Sheila

    Do you know where I could get the Captain Superstove refill gifting links have been looking everywhere and no luck with that one. Having to redo that task and can’t find a way to refill the gold guy and I ain’t paying to do it either lol.