Cafe World Captcha

By | June 9, 2012

Having problem with cafe world captcha ? because a lot of players is receive a box that says “Require Captcha” and then you have to type in a security check for a wall post request
Why do I see a Captcha when I try to post a cafe world request?

here’s the explanation from cafe world zynga support :
“The Captcha message is auto generated by the system that appears when a player tries to post too many requests in a short amount of time. Since many of our fellow chefs play multiple games and post messages for many of them, this message will appear to prevent others from being “spammed”.

Might we suggest that you try to select a smaller number of friends or wait 24 hours before trying to send a request for any of your games. This helps keep Cafe World a safe and fun environment for all players.

If you have waited 24 hours and still have this message after clearing your browser’s cache, you can help us by clicking the Please Fix link to help us keep track of the number of players affected by this problem.”


how to remove captcha in cafe world post – thx to Pattys Cafe :
I think I found a fix to this stupid captcha problem. I went and deleted all my old CW post and kept refreshing my profile page as I go along and finally deleted all of May up to today.
You must do each one individually not as a group. You will notice more and more post that are hidden from your profile page appear, continue until you no longer see CW post except for the most recent ones. I no longer need to use the security code “Captcha”.
Good Luck to all who read. CW must have a limit of posts we have on our profile; that is why we receive this stupid message.

  • Tired Chef

    We make so many requests because Cafe World have too many timed quest at the same time, I’ve decided not to do the summer quest and just do neon stoves it’s too much and I’ve lost neighbours who are fed up and given up because it’s stopped being fun!