Cafe World Cater the Bronze Infomercial Catering Order

By | April 13, 2012

Buck bradshaw is filming an infomercial for the bronze ultra stove in cafe world cater the bronze infomercial !

cater a fantastic feast for the audience and crew ! capture the publics imagination with a great infomercial ! earn 3 stars and you will unlock the recipe for spaetzle, recruit your friends to help out !

cater the bronze infomercial catering order :
serve pita and dolmas 999 times (4 hours)
serve pumpkin pie 899 times (12 hours)
serve voodoo chicken salad 799 times (12 hours)
collect 15 bronze director chair
collect 15 bronze spotlight
collect 12 bronze audience pass

catering mission

3 star rewards (3 days)
15 catering points
7500 cafe points
200000 cafe coins
spaetzle recipe