Cafe World Cater the Bronze Release Party Catering Order

By | April 13, 2012

The bronze stove is now available world wide ! Help buck bradshaw celebrate in cafe world cater the bronze release party !

celebrate the release of the bronze ultra stove ! earn 3 stars and you will unlock the recipe for corn wrapped tamale, recruit your friends to help out !

cater the bronze release party catering order :
serve tony’s classic pizza 999 times (5 hours)
serve triple berry cheesecake 899 times (12 hours)
serve spicy devil eggs 799 times (18 hours)
collect 15 bronze turntable
collect 15 bronze disco ball
collect 12 bronze champagne

catering mission :

3 star rewards (3 days) :
15 catering points
7500 cafe points
200000 cafe coins
corn wrapped tamale

  • ada

    does anyone know the gids for bronze turnable, disco ball and champane