Cafe World Cater the Hand me Downs Party Catering Order

By | June 4, 2012

Cater the stork party in cafe world cater the hand me downs party to share hand me downs ! Earn 3 star to get recipe for yakisoba chicken 🙂

Lisa and Joe’s friends are throwing them a stork party to share hand me downs. Put together a party they’ll remember !

cater the hand me downs party catering order :
– serve triple berry cheesecake 999 times
– serve funky monkey pudding 799 times
– serve mini crab cakes 499 times
– collect 15 hand me down clothes
– collect 12 used dresser
– collect 15 handmade hats

catering mission :

3 star rewards (3 days) :
15 catering points
7500 cafe points
200,000 cafe coins
yakisoba chicken recipe