Cafe World Catering Business

By | July 20, 2010

Cafe World Catering Business ! New feature on cafe world outside 🙂

catering business on cafe world

Now that you’ve started to landscape your lawn and hang some lights, it’s time to think of the future! Word is spreading about your cooking expertise and your customers need some catering! Start by getting some advice on your menu, recommendations and a VIP clientele!

You have mail !
you’ve got a letter waiting for you ! click anywhere to open it.

you can see there’s a new catering truck icon on the right side 🙂

click the mail / car icon and you will taken outside your cafe

mail from great uncle moneybags :
Word is that business is booming ! I think it’s about time to expand. Here’s a catering truck to get you started. You’ll have to do some workd to build buzz before you’re in business.
Good luck on your new Venture !


Start your own catering business, you have to ask friends to help you out on friendly advice, recommendations and vip clients :
Friendly Advice – 12 collected
ask your trusted friends for advice on your menu
Recommendations – 16 collected
word of mouth is powerful advertising
VIP Clients – 12 collected
hold a vip event to attract some special clients

ask your friends to help with each progress, you can see the % complete on the right side.

but looks like the catering business can’t be complete yet 🙁 you can only finish it until 99% complete
Almost there ! the city is processing your business permit… You’ll be able to take orders soon !

so far the problems for catering business on cafe world :
– some players doesn’t have / see the car icon
– some players didnt get any letter about the catering business
– you can’t finish it 100% only 99% complete

so let just wait until these feature open for everybody soon also the business permit for catering business 🙂

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  • Shanna Jefferson

    My catering have been on 99% seems like forever when will the business kick in…

  • Karl G

    I know what you mean mine too as been left on 99% for a while now. not moving

  • angjyexian

    what to sell to wholesale dale?

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  • Judith robbins

    I have a cafe world problem and don’t know what to do. all of my friends are busy catering and ask for help but the site won’t let me. I have yet to get the birthday party catering job. Do you know what I should do?

  • Jean Ford

    I have started my catering business on cafe world. I filled Dale’s order no problem but the ones since his will not let me ask for help. I get help request from my friends and it acts like it is sending them but then gives an error message. How can I finish without help or enough cash to buy the remaining items???

  • chelsea

    i do not have a truck icon and when i click the truck outside it says complete more quests to start catering what do i do?

  • Andrea

    I am with you chelsea, i have the truck outside but keeps telling me i need to do more quests…. no one seems to know the answer.. i keep googling and no one knows…..

  • emily

    have you finished the VIP ,recomenndations and the other one. there might be some way that stops you progressing? i logged of cafe world last night with my truck on 45% and came back tonight with it 100%.