Cafe World Catering Campaigns

By | March 20, 2012

New pop up before entering the game : cafe world catering campaigns are coming soon !

no guide for this feature so far

only some hints :
– help your friends complete each campaign (more goals ?)
– upgrade your catering truck for rewards


it’s here ! there are several task you need to finish
the main are :
complete easy quest line : the buzz begins goals
complete hard quest line : a new look goals
complete campaign truck : new catering truck
you can see the gids on the comment below thx to anonymousine 😉


then finish 3 series of catering order
business upgrade I – III
freds chance I-III (coming soon)
susies booth I-III (coming soon)

new recipes to unlock from this events are :
Crawfish Etoufee (Complete Business Upgrade I)
Golden Anniversary Cake (Complete Business Upgrade II)
Chicken Kiev (Complete Business Upgrade III)
Venison Scalloploini (Complete New Catering Truck)
Crunch Time Bars (Complete “Fan Favorite” quest)
Khoa Phat (Complete “Taste The Rivals”)
Friday Pizza (Complete “Looking Good”)
Late Night Snacks (Complete “More Upgrades)

official guide from cafe world support :
What’s new about the catering system?
You will now be able to upgrade your catering truck for rewards and complete catering order campaigns for even bigger rewards. All of the new catering features can be access through the Catering Campaigns window. To access this window, click the catering truck icon on the right side of your screen.

How do I upgrade my catering truck?
You can upgrade your catering truck by accessing the Catering Campaigns window (see previous question).

How many active catering orders can I have at any given moment?
You can only have one active catering order at any given moment.

Why should I upgrade my catering truck?
While upgrading your catering truck will give you spices, a new recipe, a new catering truck and Amelia’s 4x Mega Stove!

How many stages are there to upgrade my catering truck?
There are 6 stages you’ll need to pass in order to receive all of the new catering truck rewards.

Why should I complete the new catering campaigns?
The will earn exclusive rewards after completing the campaigns!

Is it necessary for me to complete the catering truck quests in order for me to upgrade my catering truck?
No, you’re not required complete the catering truck quests in order for you to upgrade your catering truck. Keep in mind that you will earn a 4x Ultra Stove at the end of the catering truck quests.

Are the catering truck quests timed?
No, the catering truck quests are not timed.

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  • Anonymousine

    CATERING CAMPAIGNS Coming soon9 Catering jobs and newest gids

    6118 - Paint Buckets

    6119 - Headshots

    6120 - Spreadsheets

    6122 - Videographers

    6123 - Flower Arrangements

    6124 - Centerpieces

    6125 - Grills

    6126 - Tanks

    6127 - Saxophones

    6128 - Number 1 Fans

    6129 - Red Carpets

    6130 - Certificates

    6131 - Champange Glasses

    6347 - Intvitations

    6348 - Name Tags

    6349 - Interviews

    6350 - Microphone Stands

    6351 - Leisure Suits

    6535 - Reservations (???)

    6353 - Toasts

    6354 - Tables

    6355 - Menus

    6356 - Deodorants

    6357 - Lights

    6358 - CDs

    6359 - Memories Booklet

    6360 - Purple Sunglasses

    Reward dishes :

    Crawfish Etoufee

    Golden Anniversary Cake

    Chicken Kiev

    Kahlua Pig

    Cosplay Souffle

    Manga Burger

    Red Beans and Rice

    Super Hero Sub

    Cajun Bread Pudding

    Venison Scalloponi

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  • Anon

    6120 – Computers
    6121 – Spreadsheets

  • Anon

    6352 – Reservations

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  • fatima

    the 4x ovens are not 50% only 10 :'(

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