Cafe World Champagne Tower

By | December 29, 2010

Cafe World Champagne Tower is one of the item that you need to buy for Cafe World New Years Party I

click buy button on the quest and you will see it’s free on the functional tab :
champagne tower in cafe world

put it on your cafe and there’s an explanation bubble
champagne tower : 0/8 goals completed for it to flow !

what is the use of champagne tower in cafe world ?
well i don’t really know if champagne have any function other than decoration, but to finish the decoration you must complete all 8 cafe world new years party goals

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  • Sheila

    So many of us got to the 7/8 of the goals for the champagne tower and I at least in embarrassment took my tower down in failure after the goals were gone because I knew I would not get sent any more champagne bottles though I begged for as many as I could get. This was not just one static sit there decoration but a beautiful fountain like or should have been display if you got all the champagne for it or bought it. I have yet to see anyone who completed all the goals or who bought the real deal and displayed it as it should look. It’s too bad it was supposed to be the top decoration to get of the year.

  • Sheila

    apologize for my spelling errors I am terrible I know lol

  • xAllyCatx

    there was goals? I just got it on my cafe world and I have no idea how to use it. Whats the point of selling it now if there isnt any way to use it?