Cafe World Cheats

By | October 5, 2009

Cafe World Cheats 😛 For you who love to play Cafe World by Zynga on Facebook, i found a Cafe World cheats 😛 Yeah just like Restaurant City Cheat just for fun okay :P.

Some programs that you’ll need for Cafe World cheats :
Cheat Engine 5.5
Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10

Note : Since the last update, 21 October 2009 these cheats doesn’t work anymore. But you might want to try them, who knows it’ll work for you 🙂

Cafe World Stove Cheats

04 Oct 2009
Step 1 : Open your Cafe World application.
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
Step 3 : On Cafe World, Click customize > Functional > Stoves you should be able to see “4 out of 4 stoves used”. ( you must have 4 stoves used in your cafe )
Step 4 : Scan “4” after that drag 1 stove into the shop.
Step 5 : Next Scan “3” after that drag 1 stove into the shop.
Step 6 : Now you will be able to see 3 address so simply double click all the address and change the value to “1” and TICK freeze.
Step 5 : Right now the quanitity of the stove will be freeze so you will just drag as many stoves out to your cafe as possible.

Credits : infinitehax

Cafe World Speed Cheats

Please Note that Speed Hack Works if you don’t have any dishes cooking on the stove. So it won’t help you to quicken your cooking time !
This Cafe World cheat only only allows you to have your customers eat and pay faster, so you get money at a quicker pace which is good if you had hacked lots of dishes and just want money.

Step 1 : On your Cafe World application.
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
Step 3 : On the right hand side of the Cheat engine simply tick on Speed hack

Step 4 : Enter your desired speed. Do not increase your speed above 30 as it will encounter timeout.
Note : Make sure you have NO dishes cooking or it will be rollbacked. It’s only for fast eating!

Cafe World Duplicate Items Cheats

Step 1 : Open cafe world, then purchase 3 of the item that you want to duplicate. (3 makes it easier, you can buy 2 if you’re poor but takes longer to shorten the amount of addresses)
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
Step 3 : Put all the 3 items in the inventory, so you’ll see a “x3” on the item you are duplicating.
Step 4 : Scan 3. Put 1 item into shop. Now it’s “x2”. So you scan 2.
Step 5 : Put 1 more item into shop. Now it’s “x1”. So you scan 1.
Step 6 : Now drag the item in shop back into inventory till its “x3” again.
Step 7 : Repeat step 4-5 till you have only 2 addresses left.
Step 8 : Double click both address so it appears at the bottom panel.
Step 9 : Tick freeze.
Step 10 : Now you can duplicate the items at zero cost. DO NOT SELL THEM, or you will lose everything.
Important: Make sure you have enough coins to duplicate the items. ie: You want to duplicate a $200 item. You will need $600 to buy 3 of this item PLUS another $200 to start the duplication. This additional $200 is NEEDED to duplicate items for free. = $800 is needed to duplicate a $200 item.
Do not blame me if you screw up and have no money left :p Try it with cheap items first.

Cafe World Fast Coins Cheats

1. Open Cafe World.
2. Select brower as process in cheat engine 5.5
3. Tick hex, 8 bytes, Also Scan Read Only Memory
4. Scan “3B840FC98574498B
5. 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble
6. You will see this line “test ecx,ecx”
7. Change it to “test ecx,edx”
8. Now when your customers are eating, it will freeze.
9. Wait for a few minutes and change the line back to “test ecx,ecx”
10. You will notice that your rating and money has increased alot
Note: When the game freezes, your dishes are eaten at a fast speed. This cheat can run for a long time IF you have sufficient dishes on the counter. If a message pops up saying that you’ve lost connection, this means that the dish you’re serving has been depleted OR it could just be zyanga’s server screwing up.
This cheat works best with the infinite stove as you can have thousands of dishes allowing this cheat to run for a long time.

New Cafe World Cheat by Myles

Guys i have a new cheat that does not require cheat engine. It allows you to level up FAST! U can use this with any browser.

Ok here’s the concept. Burgers allow you to obtain 6 cwp (cafe world points) from each stove. That’s 1xp from each of the 3 prep tasks and 3 for serving. Let’s say you have 8 stoves at the moment and u cook burgers on all. That’s 8×6=48xp for a whole set of stoves in each sitting. Ok now let’s assume u cook burgers for an hour without stopping. Each burger takes 5 mins and let’s add an extra min to clean the stoves. That’s 6 mins everytime. So in 1 hour we can cook 10 sets of burgers. That’s 6×10=60mins.

So what’s 10×48xp? That’s 480xp every hour!!

But who can be bothered to cook burgers constantly like that? Not me that’s for sure! That’s where my cheat comes in and I hope u use it cos I levelled from level 13 to level 23 in just 3 days of running the cheat… So here we go.

Step 1. Download a keyboard and mouse recording program. There’s many. I’m on mac and I use Keyboard and Mouse Recorder 2.1 and there’s many also for windows.

Step 2. Lauch your recording program and start cafe world.

Step 3. Record your mouse movements as you buy burgers for each stove, prep each stove, wait 5 mins, serve each burger and clean each stove. (don’t rush this it’s very important the screen doesn’t ever budge so click carefully).

Step 4. Once your stoves are all cleaned up, stop the recording.

Step 5. Set the preferences on your recorder to playback the actions as many times as you want.

Step 6. Sit back, watch your mouse cursor move around on it’s own and watch yourself level up everyday!

Tips: be aware that yes you can leave the room and let it do it’s thing but u have to check on it now and then. Sometimes a connection error may pop up or something and youll have to set the program to start again.

Use short cooking dishes to gain xp quick and minimize the time period for popups.

Don’t let the screen budge once when clicking because it will eventually move away from the stove being clicked and won’t work for one or more stoves.

Use the front centre point of each stove as your click point for reference so if u do need to reset the recorded actions to play back u know where to manouver the screen so it’s clicking in the right place.

I’m using this cheat to level up high enough so I have a good number of stoves for big dishes to cook on. I hope you guys enjoy it and eventually get the amount of stoves you want with the technique for reduced levelling up time I’ve given you.

A special thanks to the cheat engine geeks that are still working on new hacks. I know the recent October 21st update caused a set back. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  • equis

    i dont get it…cant get the engine to work…i open it with firefox and it ask to save…. nothin else and it wont open at all with IE

  • Mi Sexi

    I can get the cheat to work but when i leave the app, the stoves disappear, pls help!!

  • cutiesapphi

    Hey i tried the duplicating stove/counter cheat and was successful…Then when i reloaded the game the stoves DISAPPEARED!!! plz tell me a way by which i can preserve the stoves forever…

  • music

    can you do any cheats without the cheat engine 5.5! it would help a lot. don’t use cheat engine 5.5. it’s illegal to have.

  • Slippy

    As of Oct 20th, the stove and counter does not work. anylonger. however you can still do the tables and chairs hack as long as you have the needed money to purchase at least 4 of the same kinds. Just dont sell them or you lose them all. and need to start over.

  • mal

    is there any other option for the exp hack? instead of stove hack?

  • Spadoinkles

    Stove & Counter cheats are GONE.
    However if you’ve previously cheated, these will remain.

    EXP hack now glitches. THe moment you switch back to ecx, you lose your cafe points. In some cases your buzz mysteriously drops.

    You now get disconnected by using the Speed hacks. Even though this previously worked, it now seems to kick you out of the server.

    Currently the only known cheat working is item duplication. It’s not 100% safe and may glitch even if you do it fine.

    There is no possible way Zynga can fix up previous cheaters other than
    *Removing our accounts at the game
    *Amending their terms
    That means, it’s most likely we will not get banned or removed 🙂

    Another update, you can now give ready-cooked dishes to your friends, at lower serving quantities.

    Also neighbour invites & gifts are temporarily glitched for some people meaning they can’t send gifts or invites 🙁

  • rahasia


  • Lui

    if i do the duplicate thing, will i be disconnected?

  • Chavy M.C

    Hi! Do any of these cheats work anymore ??

  • leonard


  • Julia123

    Hi!! thank u thank its worked i luv it!!!

  • http://cafeworlld marrie

    in the coins cheat step 2 select brower? where is that?

  • kimmy

    do we have new cheat for stoves?
    im still sad about missing 7 stoves at the first time

  • ShiYing

    when i do the coins hack, why when it says lost connection and all the hack coins is lost. so how to prevent it losing ?

  • tushar

    @julia123….wot worked????

    are any of the above mentioned cheats active???

  • karthi

    hi i am using 11 stove .i want cheat more stoves.plz tell the step to hack stoves

  • borj

    cheat for the stove is not working anymore, and the item duplicator, pls tell me where to find another item duplicator for cafe world…. tnx :))

  • dd

    duplicate item cheat is not working anymore.. *sigh*

  • djd

    I’ve gotten the stove cheat to work, but every time I start to cook food on them, I get “out of sync” and lose everything. How can I get around this?

  • bubbs

    hi guys tell me how to beat friend she is overtaking me i need more stoves i hate she is overtaking ME LOL HELP

  • xxx from what i notice the one that was working duplicating tables not workin anymore either

  • imoet

    none of these r working anymore.
    everytime i freeze, the network is reset, n the coins gone. any other way?

  • arlene

    the Cafe World Fast Coins Cheat still works, i just tried it right now and buzz rating from 20 went to 105.5 and in a few seconds the food in the counter are gone and my money increased. I was wondering if the stove cheats still work.. oh and im using google chrome not firefox..

  • Ly

    can somebody help me to use this cheat? it didnt work anymore

  • Sue

    hi.. I juz learn the cheating stove juz now. 1st time trial I really can get many stove I want but after I refresh save the games & refresh it’s gone. Back to normal.. But bottom of the stove have many stove that I pull out that before refresh the game. How can I get the cheat stove out from there?

  • brian

    i need a coin cheat plz, or hints. i need money fast

  • xiang

    is there a cafe points cheat?

  • Myles

    Hi guys I’ll keep checking back to this page if any of you have questions on the recording cheat by myles on the top of the page. I searched for some windows recording software as well. Your best bet is ‘Advanced Keyboard and Mouse Recorder’ can be found ready and patched with kygn or srl no for those that know where to look. I can’t expand on this for obvious reasons but I’m sure you guys know the right place to go for that sort of thing.

    Let me know how the cheat went for you feedback is always appreciated.

  • arlene

    Same thing with me for the stove, i could get up to 50 stoves, i even saved the game. but i refresh the game, they all went back to normal. i thought it worked. but it didnt

  • HHH

    will it work really fyn?????? rep me by mailin me…

  • Cupoftea

    I believe there was a major update around the 13th December.. it has resulted in all of the “cheats” that are accessed via “Cheat Engine 5.5”. This means, that whenever you do the Infinite Stoves/Rating/Money (Yes, the same process for getting $$$$$’s can be done too).. The game will either recognise this as a fault and present “Lost connection/Game is out of sync” etc etc. There was a patch to.. unpatch this, but again, they’ve removed it. The Hex code cheat is also pointless as once you have carried it out, even after unticking “speedhack” — any items that were “speedhacked” will disappear, losing you money and time.

    I test games for a living, next gen consoles, pc’s, mac’s, handhelds etc etc.. I will inform you of anymore happenings and hopefully some coding progression. Happy Christmas.

  • zulfahmi

    It’s working

  • nidi

    the hex code is not working ANYMORE does any one know found anything about the rating hack?

  • Sweet T

    can u be banned from cafe world for cheat engines?

  • http://N-O-N-E NaD

    # chillimansi Says:
    October 22nd, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    guys i’d like to suggest a cheat.
    this cheat is to increase/decrease/froze the number of serving of your current food you have in the counter.

    example.. you’ve got 10 spitfire left in your counter and you’re too tired to cook some more.. so you can just cheat it with this and make it to a number you want.. say 9000.. 😀 Would gladly help if you got a near finished spitfire so that you can deduced to 1 address directly. if not do this below.

    i’d like to call this the infinite servings cheat.

    heres how to do it.

    1: basic steps. Open CE 5.5. Process firefox.exe
    2: no changes to CE. Just input the value you want to search. Like the current number of serving left of a certain food.
    example. Spitfire roasted chicken w/c has 150servings left.
    3: Click First scan.
    4: Then an adress would display. Go back to your CW then wait for the spitfire to be deducted/served. if so get the number of serving left and put it in the value.
    5: click next scan.
    6: repeat step 4 and 5 til you got 1 address left.
    7: DClick it and change the value you want or you can just simple froze it.
    8: If you got lots of meal in the counter you can repeat step.

    @admin. please revised my steps coz i know alot would not really understand. XD

    Hope this help guys. save up some time and cash in cooking. 😀
    <======= this still works? why infinte stoves items etc, when you can have infinite servings and therefore infinite $$??

  • Syncorion

    I have been hacking away at the cafeworld swf and found some codes..this I found some nice codes..I will not tell you how to do it, you can figure that your self..but this is some hex codes.

    669915800dd6d2d1 < stoves set any number ef011e0015ef0188 | Both for set amount waiters 4d0115d066e71480 | d0607cd02ce855d2 < Set level They all work, I have tested them on 5 diff accounts..More to come.

  • jimmy

    when you refresh the page it goes back to the serving i had before.

  • Anish

    Hey Thanks !
    Its Working!
    But I Dont think that you will be banned from cafe world cauz’ i think no cafe world or zynga community knows about the cheats being published here!!!

    Thanks a lot!

  • kay

    my CW cookbook freezez as soon a i open it and its sooo frustrating cos i have enough coins to buy but i cannot cook any dishes!!!!!plsss advise???????

  • ana

    now works cheat engine on cafe world?because on my pc it does’t working… have problem with my pc? sorry for my bad english…


    WOW!!! SO Exiting

  • as

    there are much better ways of doing this!

  • melvy

    Hi Syncorion,

    Can u plz tell the steps for the unlimited stoves forr CW. That will be very kind of you.
    u can e-mail me the steps at

    Thanks in advance

  • xavier

    i accidently found this hack/cheat/glitch. i was on cafe world and i accidently cliked a wallpaper that was way expensive i didnt have the money. well i dragged it and put it on wall and boom it was there but it still said that whole veiw money offers now i just cliked not now