Cafe World Chef Appreciation Week

By | May 4, 2010

Cafe World Chef Appreciation Week ! Each day cafe world will release some special dishes with special rewards for you, well actually it’s a normal dishes with a special stats added.

For today the special dishes are :
– tikka masala kabobs gives double cafe points
– savory stuffed turkey costs 0 coins to cook
– chicken pot pie cooks twice as fast

special dish picture :

special dishes stats :
– tikka masala kabobs : cost 215 coins, ready in 1 hour, 88 total CP
– savory stuffed turkey : cost 0 coins, ready in 22 hours, 216 total CP
– chicken pot pie : cost 3500 coins, ready in 1 day, 307 total CP

Tuesday, second day for chef appreciation week dishes :
Overstuffed Peppers costs 0 Coins to cook
Tony’s Classic Pizza gives double Café Points
Spitfire Roasted Chicken gives its 24 hour rewards in only 12 hours!


Wednesday, third day for ched appreciation week dishes :
Loco Moco costs 0 Coins to cook
Buttermilk Pancakes gives double Café Points
Homestyle Pot Roast gives its 48 hour rewards in only 24 hours


see the differents with the normal dish ? you can choose the best dish to cook for level up or best dish to cook for coins on cafe world 🙂

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