Cafe World Chef Showdown Challenges

By | January 7, 2012

The cafe world chef showdown is here ! are you up to the challenge ?

you will see vs button on the right side of your screen if you have this feature, here’s how the chef showdown works :
challenge 4 different international master chefs to different challenges, proving your superiority and receiving great rewards !

to start chef showdown first you need to put the special item : chef showdown boxing ring on your cafe

next you’ll see a pop up to challenge 4 chef :
chef wei
chef isabella
chef marie
chef francesco

challenge each chef to 4 timed mini challenges, hire crew before each challenge to get up to 30% extra points !
win all 16 challenges to unlock the mega spice bundle

perform task to earn points for the challenge, finish with the most points to defeat the master chef
get enough points within the period of time by serving food (1 point per serve) and getting items (3 points per item).
you can ‘hire’ 6 friends to help you, each helper gives you 5% bonus points, hire them before your challenge start ! your friends don’t need to cook the items, only help clicking ‘request’ button as ‘part’

let me check if i can find some gid for chef showdown items, will update when i found one okay 🙂
Kids Menu – 4799
Chef Showdown Crew Request – 5550
Red Potatoes – 5442
Kitchen Tools – 5443
Red Pepper – 5444
Sirloin Steak – 5445
Metal Skewers – 5446
thx to Di 😉

here are the dishes for chef showdown thx to alphusk :
Chinese side
Crab Rangoon (Chef Wei 3)
General Tsao Chicken (Chef Wei 2)
Mongolian Beef (Chef Wei 4)

Mexican side
Cheese Quesadilla (Chef Isabella 2)
Chicken Flauta (Chef Isabella 3)
Frijoles Negros (Chef Isabella 4)

French side
Madeleines (Chef Marie 4)
Asparagus Quiche (Chef Marie 3)
French Chicken Vineagar (Chef Marie 2)

Italian side:
Mozzarella Sticks (Chef Francesco 3)
Clams with Spicy Sausage (Chef Franceso 2)
Chicken Parmesan (Chef Franceso 4)

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  • Zngrl

    “let me check if I can find some gid[…]”
    Chef showdown items are RSVPs

    • admin

      oh.. toooo bad then 🙁

  • Fxmed

    Will each challenge take one hour?

  • Fxmed

    what makes the chefs points increase?

  • Kern

    the dishes are random and no each challenge does no take an hour

  • kytal

    They’re not all 1 hour. Level 2 of Wei’s challenges is 4 hours – at least for me it is.

  • Alvin

    anyone know what is the h dish we need to cook for a 12h showdown?

  • me

    3291 Loaves of Bread

  • Mike

    and a request that Zynga start treating the player as a profit source . . . . wait, they already do that.

  • T

    Hello! I tried Level 1 one Wei’s Challenge and since then all the countdown timers have changed to zero. I haven’t tried hiring a crew yet for another challenge because I’ve been focusing on all the new timed quests we keep getting. Has anyone else noticed their timers change, too?

  • Terrence

    Which one is ending on Feb-20? This Showdown event itself? Or just the button/icon at the right side of the screen?