Cafe World Chef’s Specials

By | November 13, 2009

Cafe World Chef Specials 🙂 A new feature on Cafe World called Chef’s Specials is here !

Here’s the official words from zynga :
“Hiya chefs, “Chef Specials” are here!! We’ve given you more ways to keep your counters full and your friends happy!!! Also today was your last chance to ‘steak’ a vampire, you’ll either have to wait until next Halloween or visit Vampire Wars for your next bite…”

What is Cafe World Chef Specials ?
Chef Specials is a new feature that will give u extra dishes and you can share that dishes with your friends too 🙂

Here’s how Chef Specials works on Cafe World :
First if you have a new menu item to served from your stove you will get Chef’s Specials
so you will earned extra servings of that dishes (you can checked it in your gifts)

you can see that different dishes giving you different extra servings.

and also you can share it for your friends too by publish it your facebook news feed

If any of your friends click Get/Try that dishes

then they will get the extra servings for that dishes too in their gift 🙂

click serve and it will served on the counter 😀

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