Cafe World Chocolate King Goals

By | January 15, 2013

Visit vlad at his chocolate castle in cafe world chocolate king goals to win a 5x chocolate ultra stove !

goal 1: Vlad’s Choco Park

The quest “Choco Park” is exclusive for our VIP members. While everyone can see the Icon only VIP members will receive the goals and a chance to earn the main reward.
The missions will be available until January 22, 05, 00:00:00 PST

gid :
11499 Bonka Pass
11500 Bonka Ticket
11501 Chocolate Bar
11502 Chocolate Pie
11503 Credit Card
11504 Chocolate Cake
11505 Chocolate Cream
11506 Chocolate Mint Cone
11507 Chocolate Mix
11508 Panda Statue
11509 Vlad Figurine
11510 Cab