Cafe World Cook-A-Thon

By | November 4, 2011

The great cafe cook-a-thon is coming to cafe world ! you’ll get a travel journal pop up before entering the game today

your host : tony moon
soon you can begin journey towards cooking and mastering nirvana, unlock more than 100 rewards !

here’s a full picture
you can see tokyo, toronto and paris stamp on this travel journal, maybe we will journey to these countries ?

see the requirements for each the great cook a thon goals on cafe world tony arrives goal

here are the rules :
– Place Cook-A-Thon Tower

– Click on the Briefcase in the lower right-hand corner of your screen To access the Great Cook-A-Thon

– The Great Cook-A-Thon screen will display your current Cook-A-Thon progress as well as friends you can request components from

– To assist with acquiring components (Stamps, etc.) to the Cook-A-Thon quests click on the friends shown at the top to post a request.
– When asking a friend for assistance, if they respond, you will be granted with the first required component for your current quest – Dishes not included.
– Individual quests are timed – you only have 3 days to complete each quest.
– Note: If a quest times out before you complete it you’ll have the option to purchase the rewards with Cafe Cash

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