Cafe World Cook-o-Tron Statue

By | June 13, 2012

Complete summer festival 1 & 2 event to get cafe world cook-o-tron statue !

what does cook-o-tron can do in cafe world :
if you hover the statue picture from summer festival event you’ll see a tooltips :
Earn the mighty cook-o-tron statue, with all the power of sous chef and serving susie, by completing all of summer festival

so has the combined power of Sous Chef and Serving Susie

remember that you need to completing all aspects of Summer Festival 1 and Summer Festival 2, which is :
summer festival 1 : on the beach
summer sun goals (15 part)
build sand castle with parts
complete beach barbeque I II III catering order

summer festival 2 : on the boat
gone fishin goals (15 part)
build rock the boat with parts
complete party boat cruise I II III catering order

and complete building hot dog cart with materials !

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  • jenny

    What do you mean by complete building hot dog cart with materials? Thanks

  • Shelley

    Hi there. The Summer Festival part 1 is both the beach and the boat. Summer Festival 2 is the same amount of goals again in the forest plus 2 more buildables, upgrading the hotdog stand and 6 more caterings!