Cafe World Cooking Academy

By | November 22, 2010

Cafe World Cooking Academy ? do you see any new loading screen on cafe world ?

cooking academy cafe world

cooking academy coming soon !

wow another new feature ? an academy for cooking 😀 we’ll see when this alive.. i hope this feature will more interesting

Update : cooking academy is here !

Learn New Skills ! The cooking academy is your passport to new flavors. Master your chosen cuisine !
1. get accepted to the cooking academy
2. graduate the cooking academy
3. choose your specialty cuisine : french, american or chinese

the goals on the right hand side of the screen will get you started !

here are the steps of cafe world cooking academy goals :
cafe world referral
cafe world dark blue cravat
cafe world light blue cravat
cafe world white cravat

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  • ginger emery

    i was wondering if you could answer something for me….i been having a problem with my cafe world not giving me goals like everyone else is getting…ive missed out on every goal ther has been to meet since i started palying cafe world…this isnt fair…i have emailed zynga several times about this issue and they are not doing anything to rectify the situation…i love the game and im totally frustrated and thinking about giving up playing….can you help me in any way…thanks for your time…sincerely….ginger emery

  • Lorna

    I would contact zynga and ask them why you haven’t received them, I didn’t get any for a long time either and then all of a sudden I started getting them.

  • Robert Em

    Try taking the direct route.. Contact Zynga via Live Chat. More helpful.

  • Joe

    I had the same problem. Keep on Zynga Customer Service. Hound them. I sent them message after message. Problem started in September, and they finally got me running Yesterday.

    Good luck!!!!

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  • lisa Del Mar

    Hey I have send message after message ZYNGA to please fix my buzz ratings keep going down after having my cafe at 105 for way over a year, now not even when I serve coffee or drinks, nothing has changed, pathways are clear.
    Also having problems with the super stoves refill, got all the requests fulfilled but it won’t accept the very last one and therefore cannot progress in the game PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  • cafeworld

    I have a question… can you choose more than one specialty? coz the other books are still locked… if I can only choose one, then I’ll wait for the others… but maybe you have to choose one of the first three before unlocking the others? help please!

  • Adriane

    I have been wondering something. I have no idea how to get the first cravat. Can someone please explain how I can do this?