Cafe World Country Dinner I II III Catering Order

By | June 21, 2012

Before you start summer festival 2 catering campaign part 1 : cafe world country dinner catering order you can see the guide below for the dishes !

unlock 3 new recipes :
part 1 : garden crudite
part 2 : raw milk country
part 3 : braised beef

here are the catering mission requirements :

Country Dinner I Catering Order
Serve Apple Crumble 400 times
Serve Apple Bramble Cake 400 times
Serve Vampire Staked Steak 150 times
Collect Hay Bales 15 times
Collect Pitchforks 15 times
Collect Overalls 12 times

Country Dinner II Catering Order
Serve Tony’s Classic Pizza 400 times
Serve Angel Fruit Cake 400 times
Serve Pita and Dolmas 150 times
Collect Milking Pails 15 times
Collect Wooden Stools 15 times
Collect Sweet Feed 12 times

Country Dinner III Catering Order
Serve Fish n Chips 400 times
Serve Homestyle Pot Roast 400 times
Serve Biscuits of Tomorrow 150 times
Collect Paper Lanterns 15 times
Collect Wooden Benches 15 times
Collect Mulled Cider 12 times