Cafe World Cruise on the Seine Catering Order

By | March 3, 2012

Cater a magical dinner in cafe world cruise on the seine catering order for a cruise through the heart of paris on the river seine !
prepare a dinner as magical as paris itself ! earn 3 stars and they’ll reward you with creme au caramel, recruit your friends to help out !

cruise on the seine catering order :
– serve pumpkin pie 999 times
– serve braised rabbit 899 times
– serve waterzooi 799 times
– collect 15 map of the seine
– collect 15 champagne flute
– collect 15 binoculars

catering mission :

3 star rewards (3 days)
– 15 catering points
– 7500 cafe points
– 200,000 cafe coins
– creme au caramel recipe

Note : This is a side quest / task but it isn’t required in order to get the main Cafe in Paris rewards (4x Ultra Stoves). They will net you a different reward, but if you are working towards getting the 4x Ultra Stoves, focus on the 12 days of tasks first!

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