Cafe World Deep Fried Turkey

By | November 13, 2010

Cafe World Deep Fried Turkey ! there’s a new dish that you can unlock with deep fryer in cafe world

locked deep fried turkey on cafe world

To unlock this food you need a deep fryer to cook this dish 🙂 Deep fryer ! Everything tastes better deep fried

Get a deep fryer to gain access to special deep fried recipes. Click on the deep fryer when it is in your cafe to view the recipes you’ve unlocked. Get yours today !

more information to build deep fryer on cafe world you can see it in turkey deep fryer cafe world


here’s the deep fried turkey stats once you’ve unlocked :
cost : 300 coins
servings : 40
ready in : 8 hours
earns : 3 per serving / 1200 total
127 cafe points total

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