Cafe World Diamond 7x Ultra Stove Goals

By | January 23, 2013

Buck’s Cafe World Diamond 7x Ultra Stove Goals is here and the 1st burner is already unlocked! Place your Diamond Stove and start unlocking the other burners to receive the amazing 7x Ultra Diamond Stove!

because of the loading issues last week, the Café World Studio has already unlocked your first burner.

you will begin with place stove goal then begin unlocking the second burner on your diamond mega stove !

click on your mega stove to begin unlocking the second burner !

diamond stove gid :
11451 Diamond Metal Plates
11452 Diamond Bolts
11453 Diamond Circuits
11454 Diamond Displays
11455 Diamond Gas Pipes
11456 Diamond Control Knobs
11457 Diamond Handles
11458 Diamond Drip Pans
11459 Diamond Heating Coils
11460 Diamond Burner Rings
11461 Diamond Motors
11462 Diamond Thermostats
11463 Diamond Switches
11464 Diamond Wiring
11465 Diamond Hard Drives
11466 Diamond Tubes
11467 Diamond Knobs
11468 Diamond Ultra Cranks

complete the diamond stove shop for black diamond 4x ultra stove !
parts to collect :
11491 Diamond Canister
11492 Diamond Multi-Tool
11493 Diamond Hammer
11494 Diamond Nuts and Bolts
11495 Diamond Stove Polish
11496 Diamond Scrub Brush