Cafe World Dinner Party Catering Order

By | September 2, 2010

Cafe World Dinner Party Catering Order 🙂 the third catering business mission on cafe world. You must finish birthday party to unlock this dinner party order !

dinner party on cafe world

cater a fancy dinner party ! amelia’s aunt wants you to cater her fancy dinner pary ! do catering orders with your friends to complete them quicker and earn more rewards

Catering Dinner Party works the same like cafe world catering birthday party where you must cook and serve dishes from your stoves.

Dinner Party Dishes :
– Serve Savory Stuffed Turkey 41 times or buy with 12 Cafe Cash
– Serve Angel Fruit Cake 40 times or buy with 6 Cash
– Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 180 times or buy with 6 Cash
– Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 72 times or buy with 14 Cash


Remember that only dishes served from your stoves count. Gifts do not count.

Dinner Party Crews
you can have a total crew of 7 including yourself, so you can ask help request for 6 friends to complete dinner party catering order faster.

Dinner Pary rewards for 3 stars :
– 2026 CP
– 30391 CC
– the next order unlocked (Cafe World Upgrade Your Catering Business)
Rack of Lamb recipe unlocked (more info in cafe world rack of lamb)

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  • Sheila

    I would like to know if helping someone else or being helped is only speeding up the cook time or does the number of items needed to be cooked and served change. I have several requests to help out. Can you help more than one person at a time and do you have to prepare the same thing they are preparing for?

  • Sista Jue

    Number of items go down
    You help everyone in your CREW
    The best…Thats what I do….is group chat and NOT do the same thing

    Hope this helps

  • mark

    how do i coplete the next catering order with the pots steam trays etc. I see no way of doing it other than paying with pf cash.

  • Sista Jue


    I’m not there yet but, don’t you have to ASK – I’ve been getting requests to send trays etc…

  • Lain

    I’ve started the catering order yesterday only to find that it’s been reset today. So I had to restart the catering and lost over 60 dishes and all of my helpers too. Does this happen to anyone else?

  • Sheila

    Do you have to cook what is in the order, if you help someone? My count never changed when I had help on my order. Mark I have asked several of my neighbors to help/join, that then gets you credit for the dishes and pots and pans. If you don’t have anyone that has helped you, I guess you either pay the cash or start over and not go to the next order. Thanks for the input

  • ally

    I have yet to start this 🙁 most of my neighbours have and I have helped a lot of them out but I still have had no info or pop ups to tell me if, when or when to start it.

    How can I complete this if there is nothing there with instructions to follow??

  • Erin

    I was helping somebody with the initial order, but (1) she has stopped doing any of the work and (2) she won’t help me with my order. Is there any way to stop helping?

  • Chris

    Hi, i just ant to know what comes after Dinner Party Catering Order. what recipes are needed to complete the next rder. thanks 🙂

  • Schmed

    Some of my crew aren’t cooking the proper dishes. Is there a way to choose a new crew?

  • Theresa

    I found the pots and pans quest hard to figure. All you do is ask your friends, by clicking “ask” to click on your request for one of 3 items. As they respond it is counted until you get all of each one. It is difficult to get people to click but you might want to let your Cafe friends know that they are just click and not buying anything.

  • Dave

    I just finished the Dinner Party, but it does not show it as done. Now it wants me to do it all over again, but the people I have been working with are moving on to the next item, Grandpa’s BBQ. Is there any way to fix this?

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  • Dale

    most of my friends all have staeted at least the birthday Party but I can’t yet… how come and is any one else in the same boat.. when will my order arrive?

  • Malagu

    It say my friends are helping me on Dinner Party, but I don’t get any credit when they finish the foods. Does anyone had this problem?

  • Dena

    I accidently hit the button to redue the dinner party and I don’t want to, how can I get out of it?

  • denise

    My friends are not on the list that agreed to help me cook? Why are they not on the list? They helped me before.

  • Carol

    I cant send out support requests to my neighbors. How can I get this fixed?

  • Joshua

    Did In 1star How Do You Speed This Up Or Get it in 3star?

  • joe

    Reply to Joshua: before you send out crew request up to 6 (inculde yourself 7). you cook first . tell all your crew members or message them or email them .
    choose your crew member wisely. get them to cook first . 1-2hours before the dish is cooked .you start the catering(crew request). that will finish in like 1day or 2day.

    reply to carol first question did you send out any request/gifts over the 24hours . if NO then email to zynga . if yes then its your problem already .
    sending out gifts/request = onces per day (this is from the offical zynga website) under faq 🙂