Cafe World Down Memory Lane Goals

By | August 18, 2012

Complete the cafe world down memory lane goals to unlock new stoves and dishes

discover joe and lisa’s past
go down memory lane with baby chai as she discovers a treasure trove of joe and lisa’s childhood photographs!

nostalgic food
school, bikes and rock n roll : discover the food from joe and lisa’s youth !

three great new stoves
earn 2 6x mega stoves and a memories 8x ultra stove before the timer expires !

there are 12 days cafe world memories goals (see the gid here)
some of these quest required to complete the buildable :
Day 4 – complete stage 6 of Rock Band
Day 5 – complete stage 10 of Rock Band

2 catering campaign :
joe’s catering orders
Joe’s Bike Rally
serve 999 Dino Drumstick
serve 799 Clubhouse Sandwich
serve 799 Savory Stuffed Turkey
collect 15 Helmets
collect 15 Leather Jackets
collect 12 Knee Guards
Reward: Wrrooom Cookie

Joe’s Lemonade Stand
serve 999 Corndog
serve 899 Bradk Pudding
serve 799 Cassava
collect 15 Tables
collect 15 Lemons
collect 12 Juicers
Reward : Crushed Lemon ICe

Joe’s Science Fair
serve 999 Gem Cake
serve 899 Sisig
serve 799 Loco Moco
collect 15 Beakers
collect 15 Bunsen Burners
collect 15 Test Tubes
Reward : Volcano Cake

lisa catering orders
Lisa’s First Rock Gig
serve 999 Pumpkin Pie
serve 799 Spicy Devil Eggs
serve 799 Shepherd’s Pie
collect 15 Soda Cans
collect 15 Glow Sticks
collect 12 Wristbands
Reward : Grunge Ice Cream

Lisa’s Pro Night
serve 999 Seafood Paella
serve 899 Funky Monkey Pudding
serve 799 White Radish Cake
collect 15 Corsages
collect 15 Limousines
collect 15 Dresses
Reward : Fruit Punch Mix

Lisa’s Talent Show
999 Tikka Masala Kabobs
899 Basil Finger Sandwiches
799 Triple Berry Cheesecake
collect 15 Hula Hoops
collect 15 Animal Masks
collect 15 Superhero Costumes
Reward : Ballerina Cake

2 buildable :
rock band
motor bike

new dishes :
8607 Crushed Lemon Ice
8608 Volcano Cake
8609 Wrrooom Cookie
8610 Ballerina Cake
8611 Grunge Ice Cream
8612 Fruit Punch Mix
8613 Baby Food Mix
8614 Kindergarten Ice Cream
8615 Tricycle CheeseCake
8616 Ballerina Pudding
8617 School Jell-O
8618 Cafeteria Casserole
8619 Holiday Lemonade Crush
8620 Sand Castle Cake
8621 Snow Angel Cake
8622 Rock n Roll
8623 Biker Donut
8624 Prom Night Souffle
8625 Blues Pudding
8626 Jazz Cupcake
8627 Soul Souffle
8628 Wild One Risotto
8629 Velocity Burger
8630 Highway Bake
8777 Poached Fruit Panna Cotta
8778 Crown Roast
8779 Blueberry Almond Braid
8780 Poached Red Pears
8781 Chocolate Espresso Pots
8782 Fruit Cube
8783 Honey and Yoghurt Jelly
8784 Orange and White Cake
8785 Sashimi Platter
8786 Choco Parfait Cherries
8787 Caviar Potatoes
8788 Grape Skewers In Bubbly
8789 Steamed Mini Dumplings
8790 Fig Honey Tartines

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  • Trish

    in Joe’s lemonade Stand catering order is that Bread Pudding?

  • Renee

    I am wondering the same. Is it bread pudding, ballerina pudding or would we be so lucky for it to be blues pudding?