Cafe World Dragon 7x Ultra Stove Goals

By | February 14, 2013

Amelia’s here with 3 fierce new stoves ! get 3 amazing cafe world dragon 7x ultra stove by completing amelia’s goals !

Amelia is all set to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This new Chinese Year will bring new things to the kitchen… Sharpen those knives and here we go!

Amelia’s Dragon Stoves !
7x ultra stoves ! amelia is back from china with 3 fierce new stoves !
feel the burn ! unlock 7 burners on each stove and upgrade them to super-fast ultra stoves !
thrice as nice ! get all 3 amazing dragon 7x ultra stoves by completing amelia’s goals !

What are the rewards for the Carnival Quests?
Amelia has in store for you 3 amazing new 3 7x Dragon Ultra Stoves.Of course, Coins, Café Points and plenty of new Recipes for your Chinese Feast!
The dragon will be unleashed!

Complete amelia’s red dragon goals to earn a fierce new 7x ultra stove !
seven times hotter ! upgrade your new stove to cook 7 dishes at once !

dragon stove gid :
Red Dragon Stove
12018 red dragon metal plates
12019 red dragon bolts
12020 red dragon circuit
12021 red dragon display
12022 red dragon gas pipes
12023 red dragon control knobs
12024 red dragon handles
12025 red dragon coils
12026 red dragon burners
12027 red dragon motors
12028 red dragon thermostats
12029 red dragon switches
12030 red dragon wiring
12031 red dragon drives (hard drives)
12032 red dragon tubes
12033 red dragon master knobs
12034 red dragon elements
12035 red dragon hot plates
12036 red dragon ultra cranks

Blue Dragon Stove
12037 blue dragon metal plates
12038 blue dragon bolts
12039 blue dragon circuit
12040 blue dragon display
12041 blue dragon gas pipes
12042 blue dragon control knobs
12043 blue dragon handles
12044 blue dragon coils
12045 blue dragon burners
12046 blue dragon motors
12047 blue dragon thermostats
12048 blue dragon switches
12049 blue dragon wiring
12050 blue dragon drives (hard drives)
12051 blue dragon tubes
12052 blue dragon master knobs
12053 blue dragon elements
12054 blue dragon hot plates
12055 blue dragon ultra cranks

Green Dragon Stove
12056 green dragon metal plates
12057 green dragon bolts
12058 green dragon circuit
12059 green dragon display
12060 green dragon gas pipes
12061 green dragon control knobs
12062 green dragon handles
12063 green dragon coils
12064 green dragon burners
12065 green dragon motors
12066 green dragon thermostats
12067 green dragon switches
12068 green dragon wiring
12069 green dragon drives (hard drives)
12070 green dragon tubes
12071 green dragon master knobs
12072 green dragon elements
12073 green dragon hot plates
12074 green dragon ultra cranks