Cafe World Drink Bar Links

By | October 1, 2010

Cafe World Drink Bar Links ! the drink bar is a new feature that will be released soon 😛

drink bar on cafe world

so while waiting this feature coming on cafe world, why not collecting the materials now so when drink bar released you will finish it in no time 🙂

how to build drink bar in cafe world ?
after you put drink bar on your cafe you will need to request drink bar parts from your friend
8 bucket of ice
8 menus
8 napkins
16 kitchen tool

here are cafe world drink bar gift links :

cafe world bucket of ice link

cafe world menus link

cafe world napkins link

cafe world kitchen tool link

share this to your friends so they can send you the materials for cafe world drink bar 😀

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  • Donkadawn

    What I want to know is if the Drink bar will be moveable after it is opened. Anyone know ?

  • Debra

    Where can I find the drink bar in my cafe? I can’t find it to start building? Is it not available yet and how are so many people already building? ( confused…)


  • john

    I have been sending my neighbors parts for the drink bar for the last two days and I still haven’t received my icon to get started, WHY?

  • michelle

    How come I haven’t had a drinks bar icon, is there a reason for this everyone seems to have it but me.

  • john

    I has been weeks since my neighbors received their Drink icon and I have yet to receive mine. Does anyone know why this is happening and cafe world is not responding to these issues?

  • Jake

    I’m at level 69 and for the longest time I was complaining about not being able to build the drink bar. I started doing all the goals on the left side and tonight at the very last icon I see the drink bar and I can place in my cafe. After placing it I can move it anywhere…just like the coffee bar. So, do your goals.