Cafe World Early Access Goals

By | March 25, 2011

Cafe World Early Access Goals ! the improved cookbook, get it today ! why wait until april 11th ?
early access goal in cafe world

get premium access to :
– immediately use the new features
– unlock 3 new limited time dishes
– share the re-designed cookbook with friends !

complete the cafe world cook book goals to unlock :
– chef’s salad
– bountiful breakfast
– pancit and lumpia

here are the list of early access quest :
part 1 : cafe world early access I
– serve dino dumstick 3 times
– serve bacon and eggs 6 times
– earn 300o00 coins
The improved cook book will display 8 dish cards at a time, which will save you a bundle of clicks. Finish this goal chain to get early, premium access !

part 2 : cafe world early access II
– serve spaghetti and meatballs 5 times
– get 6 onions
– get 7 carton of eggs
rewards : unlock pancit and lumpia
The re-designed cook book will let you sort your dishes by name from A to Z !

part 3 : cafe world early access III
– serve pancit and lumpia 3 times
– serve pumpkin pie 6 times
– spice 5 neighbors
The improved cook book makes it easy to view by cuisine. Looking from this dish from the philippines ? With the new book, it will be a snap !

part 4 : cafe world early access IV
– get loco moco 8 times
– get 8 cartons of eggs
– get 10 olive oil
rewards : unlock bountiful breakfast
When you earn a golden ticket, you’ll receive more to share with friends ! they’ll get early access as well

part 5 : cafe world early access V
– serve bountiful breakfast 8 times
– get 8 sacks of potatoes
– earn 20000 coins
The improved cook book lets you sort by the time it takes to cook a dish. Looking for something to cook fast ? you’re just a click away.

part 6 : cafe world early access VI
– cook belgian waffles 12 times
– get 8 heads of lettuce
– get 10 cucumbers
Running a theme cafe ? The re-designed cook book also lets you filter by type of cuisine, wheter you’re in the mood for irish, italian or alien !

part 7 : cafe world early access VII
– serve caramel apples 5 times
– get 3 baby carrots
– get 3 olive oil
Finding a dish is elementary in the improved cook book because you can sort the dish names from A to Z !

part 8 : cafe world early access VIII
– serve eggs Benedict 12 times
– get 14 mushrooms
– get 12 tomatoes
rewards : chef’s salad + golden ticket
the re-designed cook book can be yours today ! finish this goal to see the newest innovation for cafe world !

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  • Wendy

    Great improvement. However, I cannot find the button anymore where I can ask for cooking tips.

  • Chef Cyanite

    OMFG!! this spammission consist of NINE PART and 89 neighbor spamming. “we heard you, now is faster” hope that’s a joke, the game is slower then ever. Epic failure!!!

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  • Sandy

    Very very slow! When will be able to make aour cafe’s bigger also!!

  • Faily

    hey cafe world players!

    i have a question or maybe it’s better a problem: i finished all early access goals and got the golden ticket, but i cannot cook the chef salad. i’m sure i have completed the goal, cause i shared the golden ticket on facebook and i can remember that i unlocked the chef salad… but i could not find the salad on the cookbook.

    then i have another question: where can i find all goals on cafe world? i only can see a few goals on the right side, but can i open a book like on frontierville or cityville where i can see all uncompleted goals?

    thanks for ur answers!

  • Laura

    I unlocked the Bountiful Breakfast, but it isn’t showing up in my cookbook. Is anyone else having this issue? I exited CW and went back in, but it still isn’t there.