Cafe World Espresso Joe and Lisa Latte’s Wedding Event

By | January 10, 2012

By now i think you already got the cafe world espresso joe and lisa latte’s wedding pop up before entering your cafe ?

yeah they’re getting married, though there’s already honeymoon before.. anyway, i think this event will be released for valentine’s day 2012 which in february

so i don’t think we’ll see this feature in 2 weeks because there will be 2 other goals coming up judging by gid goals items : farmers market and alien theme, just my opinion though 😛

okay joe and lisa’s wedding goals is live ! more information please see :
week 1 :
cafe world marriage goals
cafe world guestbook links

here are some feature for this wedding event :
plan the wedding
– help katie the wedding planner make it perfect

host the reception
– feature joe and lisa’s favorite coffee themed recipes

the perfect match
– earn the bride and groom stoves !
together, they become 4x ultra stove (complete all week 1 and week 2 goals to earn both stoves)

joe and lisa wedding picture :

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